Around the internet there is a Japanese term, majikichi, which is short for “Maji de kichigai jimiteru kara yamero” or “Stop because you seriously seem to be losing your mind”. Needless to say it’s a convenient word.

Perhaps a good example of majikichi is in the sushi world. With all of Japan’s less traditional sushi restaurants known as “sushi trains” competing for people’s attention, they often come out with some eye-catching toppings, and sometimes things go too far.

In the true spirit of journalism, our reporter Nakano has been out and about finding the most majikichi sushi in the land from bacon sushi to rice omelet sushi. Now his travels bring him to Japan’s first ever sushi train chain Genki Sushi and their latest offering: Blueberry Cream Sushi.

Nakano is usually very daring when it comes to majikichi sushi. He downed the sushi ice cream cone with hardly a flinch and took on two courses of pungently odorous fermented topping sushi. However, something about the Blueberry Cream Sushi had spooked him prior to setting off for Genki Sushi. It was probably trying to imagine the sensation of mixing vinegared rice and creamy blueberries that set him off.

Nevertheless, Genki Sushi was Japan’s first sushi train restaurant in which small plates of sushi are passed by customers on a conveyor belt. Still going strong today, they have the most experience in the game.

Nakano focused on that though in the few minutes it took the sushi to arrive after he had ordered it.

His stomach turned just looking at it. There were small flakes of cereal mixed in with the vinegared rice and heaps of cream cheese on top. On top of each piece of sushi sat a single blueberry. Nakano confirmed the blueberry count during and extended period of poking and prodding at the food with his chopsticks.

Something about this particular combination of ingredients offended Nakano’s sensibilities greatly, and under other circumstances he would have discarded this abomination. However, he was on a mission to catch all of the majikichi sushi in Kanto and become a majikichi sushi master, just like in that hit video game he used to play…Nobunaga’s Ambition.

He went in for his first, nervous bite.

Ah! Much to our reporter’s surprise, Blueberry Cream Sushi wasn’t completely altogether all that bad, per se. It was kind of like a traditional Japanese dessert with the combination of rice and sweet foods. However, the tastes were bold, much like if a western food maker attempted to recreate these confections.

He had survived! Alright! Now onto the real sushi.

Nakano felt pretty proud of himself for having endured Blueberry Cream Sushi, but as a Japanese person he felt a little uncertain that it should be classified as real sushi. That being said, as far as majikichi sushi is concerned, Blueberry Cream Sushi is among the highest ranks for its boundary-pushing concept.

If you want a weird sushi experience with a great result, Nakano would recommend the Omurice Sushi of Sushiro, but if you’re looking for a wild ride Blueberry Cream Sushi is worth checking out. Furthermore, if you’re one of those aspiring majikichi sushi masters, both are required eating.

Source: Genki Sushi
Original article by Nakano
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