rameWhen it comes to ramen, nothing goes better than a side serving of gyoza (dumplings) washed down with a beer. Now our culinary dreams are about to come true with the release of gyoza-flavoured cup noodle ramen.

The new product development geniuses at Acecook have come up with the brilliant idea to make gyoza-flavoured cup ramen, giving us two of our favourite Japanese comfort foods all in the palm of our hand. They finally settled on this flavour after considering over 100 possibilities, and we’re pretty happy with the call they made.

Called Gyoza Punch Ramen Super Cup, the new product is also generously portioned, at 1.5 times larger than regular cup ramen. We suspect it will be just the thing for a quick-fix hangover cure.

The company spent about six months experimenting with varying amounts of seasonings and oil to perfect and recreate that familiar gyoza taste. Considering the choice pairing of the two, it’s actually surprising that no one has come up with this flavour until now.


Gyoza Punch Ramen will be available for sale from September 7 at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Japan for the bargain price of 200 yen (US$1.60).

Ra-men to that.

Source: Acecook via ITmedia
Top image: Acecook
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