Not all the lessons we learn in school stick with us, but I’ll bet the ones that do are the ones that were interesting, out of the ordinary, or made us laugh. Some people get along just fine with traditional learning methods, but others need things spiced up a little bit, which is why this aquarium’s creative twist to the traditional information display is absolute genius.

Take a look at some of the clever, humorous “monster cards” on display at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium.

While Pokémon and other monster trading card games have long since fizzled out of style in western countries, they are still hugely popular among Japanese youth. So what better way to catch kids’ attention and get them reading and learning than by incorporating something fun they already enjoy? These photos were captured by Twitter user @hyt_me on a recent visit to the aquarium in Nagoya City.

▼ Giant isopod (could almost pass for a Kabuto)


“The insect king from the deepest oceans, they resemble the Ohmu from the film N**sicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Just like the Ohmu, they shed their skins as they grow. They swarm around rotting carcasses, gorging on the flesh until nothing but bones are left. If it feels threatened, it will curl its body into a ball to protect its insides. It won’t curl up into a perfect ball, so this also allows it to attack.”

▼ Malapterurus electricus (aka Magikarp in disguise)


“‘Go, Malapterurus! Use thunderbolt!’ Okay, while that’s not possible, it can still release around 350 bolts of electricity to capture its prey. It generates the most electrical power of any species after the electric eel. It’s said that it is not enough electricity to kill a human.”

▼ Loggerhead sea turtle


“This is the toughest and most powerful guy in the ocean. Its beak is like a pair of pliers, sharp enough to crack open the shells of crabs and shellfish for it to eat. Its weak spot is the neck and the tail, so when it fights against others of its species, that’s where it will attack.”

The response from the Japanese Twitter community has been mostly positive, praising the attention-grabbing design and the imaginative, yet simple and informative text. We can’t help but agree!

Source and images: Twitter/ @hyt_me via ハムスター速報