We attempt to solve the Millennium Puzzle from Yu-Gi-Oh! ourselves, gain new respect for Yugi

The fact it took the series protagonist less than a thousand years to solve this puzzle is a credit to his character.

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We try out a revolutionary product: long, looooong Japanese sandwich bread【Taste Test】

How are you supposed to eat Cookhouse’s Whirled-Up Sandwich Bread? The clue is in the name!

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Japanese manufacturing town hopes to boost tourism with iron-flaked ice cream

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Tsubame Sanjo’s metalworking factories!

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Japanese students despair over the many, MANY ways you can describe a dead flower

Would a rose by any other name be as dead?

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Here’s why Japanese supermarkets play “cheap” background music all day, according to Twitter

There’s a reason why they don’t play other kinds of music!

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Book Off running low on books: Japanese used book chain begs customers to sell them books

If you bring in your unwanted books, you could enter to win some great prizes!

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A rice by any other name: Japanese Twitter investigates local terms for “serving”

Who knew there were so many ways to describe portioning out rice?

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Get a piece of space with this lucky bag sold by a half-man, half-alien

It’s literally out of this world!

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Monkey Majik and Taiiku Okazaki team up for bilingual Japanese-English track【Video】

What lyrics do you pick out from this funky tune?

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Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list

A combination of average IQ scores and other factors earned Japan its spot on the top.

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Survey reveals the top reasons why married Japanese people don’t want to go home during Obon

Surprisingly “dealing with in-laws” isn’t the number one reason.

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Korean fashion trend reveals significance of wearing rings on different fingers

Korean fashionistas let us know why they choose to wear rings on certain fingers

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These creative, fanciful post boxes from Japan will delight you in so many ways【Photos】

But really, do people even send mail anymore?

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Our writer intentionally gets himself caught up in an online phishing scam—for science!

Our reporter goes undercover to see what happens when you voluntarily give your information and credit card info to Facebook spammers.

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Japanese TV show teaches us how to read someone’s personality just by looking at their hands

From now on, first impressions are useless; just ask to see their hands.

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Infographic shows how working culture differs across the globe

In the past we’ve written about office etiquette and office parties in Japan, but how are Japanese office manners or your own different from those in other countries?

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Ramen Jiyujin serves up ramen and attractions to fill your appetite【Photos】

According to a program that recently ran on TV, there are more than 100,000 ramen shops across Japan, and because competition is so fierce, most are lucky to survive for even two or three years. In order to succeed in the chaotic ramen business, many shops are starting to come up with ways to offer not only a good bowl of steaming noodles and broth, but also a one-of-a-kind experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

And Ramen Jiyujin, based on theinr overwhelming number of supporters on social media, has managed to accomplish just that, with a take on ramen that is only limited by your imagination. Take a trip with our Japanese reporting team to Yokohama to see the shop for yourself!

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Sea turtle, I choose you! Aquarium in Japan makes learning fun with trading card-themed displays

Not all the lessons we learn in school stick with us, but I’ll bet the ones that do are the ones that were interesting, out of the ordinary, or made us laugh. Some people get along just fine with traditional learning methods, but others need things spiced up a little bit, which is why this aquarium’s creative twist to the traditional information display is absolute genius.

Take a look at some of the clever, humorous “monster cards” on display at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium.

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Japanese police department publishes “driving horoscopes” to encourage road safety

Among the many superstitions that exist in Japan, fortune telling based on blood type still remains popular. Most profiles of anime and manga characters or celebrities include blood type, and it’s not uncommon for some Japanese to attempt to predict the behavior of others based what kind of blood is coursing through their veins.

But with only four personality types to choose from, that doesn’t leave very much room for variation. That may be one reason why over the years Japan has seen a boom in Western astrology, with many fashion magazines, books, and character items catering to those interested in finding out or showing off what their zodiac sign purportedly says about their personality. In fact, considering the recent release of driving horoscopes by one prefecture’s police department, it seems even government officials are now in on the craze.

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What do toilets the world over look like? Check out this video to find out 【Video】

Love and music may not have borders, but neither do other universal concepts like the call of nature.

Although Japan is famous for its modern toilet technology (there’s even a museum now), many non-Eastern Asians are often taken aback when they visit the country and have their first encounter with the older, squatting kind. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a staple in most Japanese schools, parks, and stations.

The fact that there’s such a gap in modern toilet technology got us curious about how toilet models and their degree of upkeep varies worldwide, and fortunately one brave soul has gone through the trouble of filming bathrooms across the globe to answer this very question.
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