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When you find something you really like, it’s sometimes hard to express how much it’s influencing your life. To show off how much they love something, some fans try cosplay or rampant consumerism. Others write songs or fan fiction to tell the world the extent of their affection.

But for others, it’s as simple as drawing a picture that perfectly captures all their feelings on the paper. One such artist has put her heart and soul into some fan art that shows the kind of devotion Studio Ghibli inspires in its fans.

Going by the name GhibliLover92 on DeviantArt, this artist has been on fire lately, sharing tons of drawings and artwork that pays tribute to one of her favorite animation studios, Studio Ghibli. Each of her drawings is vibrant, colorful, and captures the joy and energetic feeling we all get when watching the anime production house’s movies.

▼ Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

art 1DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

▼ Three Nausicaäs in three touching moments

art 6DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

art 15DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

▼ Who knew a period drama about school could be so moving?

art 2DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

Spirited Away

art 3DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

▼ Haku looks so mischievous here.

art 16DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

▼ Ashitaka, contain your black/purple wormy things!

art 4DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

▼ Remembering the simple times, with old friends

art 9DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

Whisper of the Heart

art 10DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

art 11DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

My Neighbor Totoro

art 12DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

Grave of the Fireflies

art 13DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

▼ Ponyo looks ready to bust out!

art 18DeviantArt/GhibliLover92

There is never a dull spot in any of her work, as she really uses up all the available space to show her love for Ghibli. She also does fan art for other series as well, including Rozen Maiden, +Anima and Full Metal Alchemist. Anyone who would like to see more of her work should head over to her DeviantArt page.

How do you like to show your appreciation for your favorite series? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: DeviantArt/GhibliLover92 via Artist Database
Images: DeviantArt/GhibliLover92