Castle in the Sky Laputa

Ghibli Museum releases beautiful new line of anime art T-shirts, available for online orders【Pics】

Shirts take inspiration from memorable sights at Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum, offered in both adult and kid sizes.

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Ghibli releases free-to-use artwork from Castle in the Sky Laputa, comes with standard disclaimer


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Studio Ghibli releases new plush characters that turn into eco-friendly reusable shopping bags

Say goodbye to plastic with anime characters that sit on your shoulder as you shop.

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We recreate the delicious-looking meatball stew from Laputa: Castle in the Sky【SoraKitchen】

Did you think the stew that appears in Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky looked good? So did we, so we made it.

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Did Studio Ghibli create anime’s most skillful lady-killer of all time?

”This guy’s got some mad game” says our reviewer, who watched the Hayao Miyazaki classic for the first time at the age of 30.

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Hayao Miyazaki based one of Studio Ghibli’s most memorable anime characters on his own mom

Character dynamics in the anime classic were inspired by the relationship between Miyazaki’s mom and her four sons.

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My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky kitchens to be recreated in life-size at Ghibli Museum

Special exhibition looks back on the amazing depictions of food in Studio Ghibli’s anime films.

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Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky seemingly appears over real-world China【Video】


This isn’t the first time atmospheric anime cosplay has been reported in the country either.

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Fabulous Ghibli fan art inspires us all to pick up a pencil and get drawing【Art】

When you find something you really like, it’s sometimes hard to express how much it’s influencing your life. To show off how much they love something, some fans try cosplay or rampant consumerism. Others write songs or fan fiction to tell the world the extent of their affection.

But for others, it’s as simple as drawing a picture that perfectly captures all their feelings on the paper. One such artist has put her heart and soul into some fan art that shows the kind of devotion Studio Ghibli inspires in its fans.

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Ghibli characters gather together in 8-bit form to thank their creator【Video】

Tributes to world-famous Hayao Miyazaki have been pouring in from around the world this past year. They all show a deep appreciation for the great director and are maybe even trying to persuade him to work on another film, but since Miyazaki is currently planning his nature preserve off of Okinawa, we will have to tide ourselves over with more beautiful tributes to him. Today’s is a fantastic 8-bit pixel video that features the characters from all our Ghibli favorites.

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Mt. Fuji becomes Studio Ghibli’s Laputa following recent typhoon 【Photos】

Mount Fuji—its almost perfectly symmetrical shape and towering, snow-topped beauty have long been a symbol of Japan, recognised the world round. It has also recently been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its strong ties to the Japanese culture. And now, in the clear skies following this week’s typhoon, it is also being called Laputa, as Twitter users are posting their impressive photos of the cloud-capped peak.

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Castle in the Sky becomes a Ghibli decoration in your home with cool Laputa hanging planter

So a friend and I have a debate about what happens at the end of the Studio Ghibli anime movie Castle in the Sky Laputa. As the credits roll, the floating island is seen drifting into space, which I, as is my simple-minded nature, take literally. On the other hand, my friend argues that the visuals are at least partly metaphoric, and that the mysterious landmass didn’t really escape Earth’s orbit (he also contends that my proposed Laputa/Space Dandy crossover/sequel is too silly to ever get made).

But while it’s likely Laputa director and creator Hayao Miyazai purposely chose to craft an ambiguous ending to the film, we do now know what happened to the island: it became this awesome hanging planter from anime retailer Benelic.

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Field testing the magic, voice-operated pendant from Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky 【Video】

We’re sure many anime fans shared our excitement last May when the newest replica of the pendant from Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky was announced. Sure, there had been chances to buy a necklace modeled after heroine Sheeta’s magical levistone accessory before, but this was the first time we’d be able to get our hands on one that actually reacts when you speak one of the film’s incantations into it.

Likewise, we’re sure many of the Ghibli faithful were as heartbroken as we were when the initial shipment of the special pendants sold out almost immediately. Still, the six months it took for a restock was a just a minor addition to the 20-plus years we’ve been waiting to try the pedant out since we first saw Laputa.

Now, finally, we’ve got the levistone pendant in our hands, and we’re ready to field test its ability to respond to our mystic commands.

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