We love awesome art here at RocketNews24, especially when it features characters that are close to our hearts being re-imagined in different and striking ways. Recently, we brought you some pretty sweet fan art depicting a scene from Princess Mononoke. Now we’d like to continue the Ghibli theme by sharing this piece that re-imagines Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind as an action movie! There’s Nausicaä in her Ghibli form above, but the fan art itself can be viewed after the jump!

▼ Nausicaä of the Valley of the Freakin’ Huge Guns ‘n’ Explosions?

This mock movie poster by Deviantart user RedreevGeorge manages to take the sweet Ghibli animation we’ve grown up with and turn it into the kind of action flick we’d pay good money to see as bloodthirsty adults. What do you think of the style of the artwork?

▼ We reckon the lady herself would be pretty chuffed to see herself depicted as such a Hollywood-style badass.

If fan art isn’t really your deal or you’re one of those people whose drawing skills make them everyone’s last choice of Pictionary partner, there’s always the exciting and varied world of cosplay to explore! If you’re going to be re-creating a beloved character, the key part is to just have fun, no matter your level of talent or skill. Having said that, we think this Nausicaä cosplay by Azumimuza610 is pretty darn adorable!

Source: Artist Database
Images: Thereelbits,  Artist Database,  Nausicaa.net, Azumimuza610