Remember the Sailor Moon lingerie sets that were co-produced by Bandai and Peach John? They were such big hits in 2014, even the pre-orders with an estimated delivery date of June 2015 were swept off of the virtual shelves of the Premium Bandai website. It’s no surprise how popular those cute undergarments were given the huge following the manga and anime series has, but let’s be honest, it’s a little underwhelming since those cosplay undies can’t be flaunted in public like your regular cosplay getup.

If the Sailor Moon lingerie sets caught your fancy, chances are you’ll love these totally adorable geeky pinafores and dresses created by Darling Army. Not only are they creative cosplay interpretations, some of them would look absolutely cute as daily fashion too! Be it anime or manga, comics or games, there’s bound to be something that fits right up your alley. Check them out after the jump!

Heading the troops at Darling Army is Amanda Marin, an artist and hobbyist based in the United States. We’d prefer to imagine that Amanda leads a bunch of magical sewing elves who help her complete her wonderful creations, but as far as her pages tell us, Darling Army is a one-girl show. Amanda specializes in tailoring femme cosplay costumes and her signature style features a cute short circle skirt put together in a pinafore/apron or kimono dress design. Check out her fabulous collection!

▼ Disney inspired

▼ Manga/Anime inspired

▼ Comic inspired

▼ Game inspired

The best part about Amanda’s creations? They’re available for purchase! On top of kimono dresses and pinafores, she makes some really cute capelets and baby bibs as well. And even if she doesn’t already have something from your favorite series, you can commission her to design one just for you. How awesome is that! If only I had more wardrobe space. And some extra cash to spare.

If you would like to own one of Amanda’s masterpieces, check out her online store for more details, and follow Darling Army on Facebook, Instagram or DeviantArt to keep up with her latest designs!

Source: DeviantArt via Zhaizhai News
Top Image: DeviantArt (DarlingArmy)