Stars from 11 different Ghibli anime take to the skies in celebratory group shot.

With Ghibli Park set to open in less than a month, fans are getting ready to make the trip to Aichi Prefecture to visit the first-ever theme park dedicated to the anime works of Studio Ghibli. But while we’re all excited about the chance to go and see our favorite Ghibli characters, those characters themselves have made a trip of their own to an unexpected destination.

This week, Twitter Japan started using a new header image for the social media network’s official account. It’s of a scene set in the sky, but it’s no mere doodle of the company’s characteristic blue bird flittering about. Instead, it’s an amazing crossover illustration of Studio Ghibli flying machines and creatures.

“The Ghibli cast came out to pick us up!” Twitter Japan excitedly tweeted, while revealing that Studio Ghibli created the artwork. In a testament to Ghibli’s amazing character and mechanical designs, it’s easy to tell who’s who, and the picture has representative from 11 of Ghibli’s anime films. At the top left there’s Totoro on his flying top, and dominating the center of the array is Spirited Away’s Haku, in his dragon form, with Chihiro riding near his head and mouse-transformed Boh being carried by Yubaba’s bird-transformed harpy.

Also present are:
Ponyo (running on Haku’s back)
Castle in the Sky’s robot
On Your Mark’s Angel
Porco Rosso’s Savoia S.21 seaplane
Kiki and Jiji, on the witch’s broom
Tales from Earthsea’s Therru, in dragon form
● The Tiger Moth, flagship of Castle in the Sky’s air pirates
Howl’s Moving Castle
● The airplane seen by The Wind Rise’s Jiro Horikoshi in his dream
Nausicaa on her glider
Pazu on one of Castle in the Sky’s Flaptors
● A Shikigami, one of the paper-like creatures summoned by Zeniba in Spirited Away

The whole group is flying towards the Elevator Tower that serves as one of the entrances to Aichi Expo Park, inside of which Ghibli Park is located.

The new header coincides with Twitter Japan sharing new photos of Ghibli Park ahead of its opening to the general public.

Ghibli’s gift is especially awesome since it’s a rare case of crossover artwork between the studio’s films. Aside from a few subtle instances like Fox Squirrels showing up in both Nausicaa and briefly in Castle in the Sky, Ghibli generally keeps its characters and worlds separate from each other, but with the whole bunch of them occupying a place in fans’ hearts, it’s very cool to see them all sharing space in the same illustration.

Source: Twitter/@TwitterJP
Top image: Studio Ghibli
Insert image ©SoraNews24
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