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Eating out by yourself can feel a little awkward and embarrassing, but a restaurant in Korea billing itself as being just for single diners caught the attention of plenty of passersby. And that’s “single” diners in both senses of the word: unaccompanied and also without a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But while all of the diners walked in lacking a romantic partner, some of them significantly improved their dating prospects while they filled their stomachs, thanks to a special surprise that was waiting for them.

As soon as customers walk in the door, they’re greeted by a member of the staff who confirms that they are indeed single. Each is then led to a one-person dining booth.

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They place their orders and receive their food, but while they’re eating, a touch screen mounted on the side of the booth comes to life and asks if they’d like to have someone to dine with.

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For those who answer “Yes,” the meal takes a dramatic, and possibly romantic, turn.

The panel directly in front of them slides away, revealing another solo diner who also asked the touch screen for some company!

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And like a pushy grandparent who can’t wait for their grandchild to settle down with a nice boy or girl, the chef returns to proclaim the pair a couple and serve them a celebratory dish.

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As with any blind date, not everyone immediately hits it off, and the video shows some awkward silences and embarrassed laughter, as well as two flustered young men who the restaurant has seated opposite one another. But there are some sweet moments mixed in as well, with some of the just-met pairs sharing food, snapping selfies, and exchanging contact information.

▼ Dude, you can’t say you’re not hitting on a girl and then immediately ask for her number (although the line works, and you can’t aruge with results).

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But even if you’re feeling hungry for both Korean food and romance, you might want to hold off on making a reservation just yet. Two of the people featured in the video say they were lured into the restaurant by an offer of free food, which implies that the surprise couplings were some sort of one-time publicity stunt or social experiment. Still, for those diners that made a connection, we’re sure they enjoyed their lunch coming with the unexpected dessert of a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Source: Zaeeega
Images: YouTube/cathlaine