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Ah, December 24, Christmas Eve. The time to spend with parents, siblings, drunken aunts and that one crazy uncle that’s always telling you about chemtrails after four or five eggnogs. Or, the time for romantic dinner dates, proposals and convenience store chicken, if you’re in Japan.

The holiday has long been the bane of Tokyo singles, who are forced to watch thousands of happy couples marching all over town Christmas Eve, hand-in-hand, checking out the Christmas “illumination” shows that have become so popular over the years. That it’s one of the few times public displays of affection are relatively accepted in polite Japanese society just makes it all the more difficult for lonely guys and gals to bear.

But, this year, one Tokyo restaurant has a plan to give all those Forever Alones out there a safe haven to dine in peace on Christmas Eve and, who knows, maybe even find a potential partner.

The spaghetti diner PiaPia, on the outskirts of Tokyo in Hachioji, posted this hand-drawn sign in one of its windows recently:

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It reads: “As it would cause severe emotional trauma to our staff members, we will be denying entry to all couples on December 24 with no exceptions!”

Okay, so it seems the real purpose for the policy is to save staff members – who may or may not be single – from being forced to watch couples make kissy faces at each other while they slave over a hot stove, but it’s sure to create the perfect environment for singles to enjoy a plate of spaghetti in relative peace. Who eats spaghetti on Christmas Eve we may never know, but it’s the thought that counts, we guess.

The Japanese Interwebs seems positively smitten with the idea, posting comments such as:

“I wish all restaurants would bar couples on Christmas Eve.”

“I’m considering getting a job here now!”

“What even is this?! This is hilarious!”

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go pick out our finest evening livery and our best spaghetti bib in preparation for Christmas.
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