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Whenever we’re hanging out with a group of friends, the inevitable question will always be: “So, what does everyone want to eat?” It’s always hard to choose, but the travel website, TripAdvisor has made it a bit easier by giving us a list of the absolute best. From June 2015 to May 2016, they compiled tons of information from travelers all over the world to come up with their top 10 restaurants in Japan, Asia and the world!


Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in Japan

1. Kobe Teppanyaki Hakushu (Shibuya, Tokyo) 

This small and cozy restaurant serves what clientele describe as “food from your Japanese family’s kitchen”. There are always a number of delicious-sounding recommendations, but if you can’t decide, just let the staff pick some out for you. They won’t lead you astray.

2. Tapas Molecular Bar (Chuo, Tokyo)

The rave reviews from this restaurant mainly talk about their 16-course adventure in an atmospheric restaurant with great service. You will be paying top dollar for the meal, but you will also be leaving extremely happy and excited to plan your next visit.

3. Hafuu Honten (Kyoto, Kyoto) 

Everyone who visits this establishment felt compelled to leave a comment about the meat, so it must be great! Luckily their other dishes are also scrumptious and there are specific course menus to choose from. The more you spend, the more your palate will thank you.

4. Le Midi (Takayama, Gifu)
5. Gyu-An (Chuo, Tokyo)
6. Itoh Dining Kyoto (Kyoto, Kyoto)
7. Kyubey Main Restaurant (Chuo, Tokyo)
8. Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai (Minato, Tokyo)
9. Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M, Hozenji Yokocho (Osaka, Osaka)
10. Narisawa (Minato, Tokyo) 

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Top 10 Restaurants in Asia

1. DK David’s Kitchen at 909 (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

This is THE restaurant to check out when you are in Chiang Mai. The three things you look for in a restaurant, food, service and atmosphere, are all impeccable. Whether you want a delicious night out or are sitting down for a special occasion, David and his staff make you feel welcome.

2. Restaurant Locavore (Ubud, Indonesia) 

The head chef will dazzle you with various European dishes inspired by Indonesian cuisine. Some customers have described Locavore as having the most beautiful and creative food in the world. The chefs strive to use as many local ingredients as possible, making every visit unique and wonderful.

3. TRB (Beijing, China) 

TRB focuses on serving contemporary European cuisine in a beautifully renovated, historical building. You won’t have any problems satisfying the taste buds of diners from all generations; even the pickiest of eaters will find something delicious.

4. Restaurant Andre (Singapore)
5. Kobe Teppanyaki Hakushu (Shibuya, Tokyo)
6. Tapas Molecular Bar (Chuo, Tokyo)
7. Cafe des Amis (Pattaya, Thailand)
8. Spiral (Manila, Philippines)
9. Swept Away at The Samaya Ubud (Ubud, Indonesia)
10. Mandarin Grill (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 

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Top 10 Restaurants in the World

1. Martin Berasategui (Lasarte, Spain) 

When you find yourself in lovely Spain, you know you should treat yourself to the best of the best. Martin Berasategui may cost a pretty penny, but it is worth every single cent. Great for families, business meetings or date night, you will come away impressed by the food, the service and the presentation.

2. Maison Lameloise (Chagny, France)

You are unlikely to find a more beautiful or immaculate restaurant in Chagny, France. Maison Lameloise’s reputation is well-known and well-deserved. The exquisite French cuisine is prepared perfectly for you; you can’t possibly be disappointed with the experience!

3. L’Auberge de I’lll (Illhaeusern, France) 

This establishment is so eager to please you that you might even get a personal greeting from the owner! Not only will the food delight, but the decor and the view down the Ill River are something you won’t see anywhere else.

4. Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons (Great Milton, England)
5. Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890 (Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, Italy)
6. Alinea (Chicago, USA)
7. Waterside Inn (Bray-on-Thames, England)
8. Voila Bistrot (Paraty, Brazil)
9. Adam’s (Birmingham, England)
10. Azurmendi Gastronomico (Larrabetzu, Spain) 

You can’t go wrong with any restaurant that has made it to these lists. Many of them hold Michelin stars so you know there is a certain standard they must uphold. As long as your wallet can support it, you should definitely try as many of these restaurants as you can. We’ll be doing the same…as soon as we clean up all the drool.

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