The dream collaboration has come true! The popular television anime series, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” has collaborated with the popular girls’ fashion brand, “LIZ LISA.”

Orders for the collaboration items are now being taken through anime goods webstore Super Groupies, with orders being delivered around the beginning of October. There are five different items and each will come in two different colors. Check them out after the jump!

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The rose-print one-piece dress has five different colors of rose, one for each of the anime series’ characters. The dresses also feature iconic items for each of the characters, like Madoka’s pink bows and Sayaka’s fortissimo hair-pin.

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The cookie-ribbon one-piece dress laces up the front and brings out another kind of cuteness. Both of these one-piece dresses have a ribbon to tie-up on the back, and will be priced at 11,100 yen (US$91), excluding tax.

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The set-up of the blouse and jumper-skirt can be worn separately as well. The series’ Soul Gem is embroidered in the collar of the blouses, and, without the frills and laces, it has become a calm design that would match any kind of style. The set-up price is 15,700 yen, also not including tax.

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The cookie-ribbon skirt is printed with Soul-Gem-shaped iced cookies, teacups, and cakes—it’s as if you’re wearing Mami’s tea party! The ribbon and the lace spice up the design while remaining cute. The skirt will retail for 7,800 yen (tax excluded).

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The cardigans have the collar embroidered with the motif of Madoka’s main weapon of the bow and rose. The phrase “Don’t tell anyone in class, okay?” is also embroidered on its rear as well. The price is set as 7,400 yen (tax excluded).

For more detailed photos, check out Super Groupies websites below!


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