Madoka Magica

Bitter otaku takes sweet vengeance by dragging hated anime villain behind his car

It’s been several years since one of modern anime’s greatest betrayals, but otaku heartache lingers, and must be treated with merciless road rash.

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Costumes and casting for upcoming Madoka Magica stage adaptation divides fans

You can never please die-hard fans of an anime when it comes to making a live-action adaptation. 

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Madoka Magica fans are ready for a “magical girl”-off thanks to some new accessories

Are you able to suitably show off your appreciation for one of the most critically acclaimed magical girl anime in the last five years? If not, come see what is in store after the jump!

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Be a magical girl this fall! LIZ LISA and Madoka Magica’s collaboration fall line is here

The dream collaboration has come true! The popular television anime series, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” has collaborated with the popular girls’ fashion brand, “LIZ LISA.”

Orders for the collaboration items are now being taken through anime goods webstore Super Groupies, with orders being delivered around the beginning of October. There are five different items and each will come in two different colors. Check them out after the jump!

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Awesome anime fan art inserts the cast of Madoka Magica into classic rock album covers

There are a couple of things anime fans have come to expect from the magical girl genre. Magic and girls are on the list, of course, plus things like flowers, sparkles, and probably a parfait or two.

What they usually don’t anticipate are decapitations, handguns, and implied homicides, but they got all that and more in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the 2011 TV series that defied magical girl conventions with the same gusto it crammed words into its title. Not only did the hard-edged anime win over legions of fans, it also inspired one to insert the Madoka cast into some iconic rock album covers.

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Overhauling your Gundam model for maximum cuteness

There’s a unique challenge for anime professionals working on a franchise with as long a history as Gundam, which aired its first episode 35 years ago. Since each new series does away with the war mechs of its predecessors, designers are always under pressure to come up with giant robots that look more powerful, technologically advanced, and, in the case of the villains’ machines, sinister than what fans have seen before.

With Gundam Unicorn’s NZ-999 Neo Zeong, piloted by baffling-named antagonist (and Toyota owner) Full Frontal, we think the animators did a pretty good job. From its sharp, angular lines, blood-red paint job, and the crevices in the sheet metal produce murky shadows, the mobile armor appears immediately menacing and dangerous.

Unless that is, you remove the head unit and replace it with a cute anime girl or kitty cat.

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With Madoka Magica high heels, the choice between good and evil is always a fashionable one

The dark magical girl anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a release history as complicated as its title. Originating as a 12-episode TV series in 2011, the show became so popular that it was released as two compilation movies in theatres during 2012. Most recently, there was a third theatrical feature that premiered in 2013, featuring the original cast with evolved or corrupted powers and personalities.

So it’s only fitting that the fashion designer 2 PM Works’ Madoka Magica shoes, which sold out during their initial production run, are back again, this time with two new, upgraded pairs of pumps.

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