Traditional Japanese fundoshi loincloths are both functional and fashionable, providing modesty for the modern man while still allowing a healthy influx of air around one’s nether regions. In fact, fundoshi are currently enjoying a revival of popularity in Japan, perhaps as a result of some men rebelling against constricting tighty whities and boring boxer shorts.

Our Japanese writers love them, and now some of the players from J-League division 2 football team V-Varen Nagasaki have lent their talents to advertise a range of crotch drapery designed to make fundoshi fun for football fans.

The new range, in collaboration with fundoshi shop Teraya, features five designs modelled and endorsed by V-Varen players Naoya Ishigami, Yosuke Kamigata, Kai Miki, Yuya Miura and Yutaro Takahashi, who appear together in an advertisement campaign that’s sure to get a few jaws dropping. Those patterns are just too stylish!

The collaboration was announced on V-Varen Nagasaki’s official Twitter account along with two official advertising campaign posters, where the guys show off their buff physiques and proudly model the flashy man-drapes.

And that’s not all…there’s also a fundoshi available in the team’s colours and featuring the official logo, perfect for when you want to show off your sporting pride (and manly thighs).

▲ The tagline reads: “Don’t panic, we’re wearing our fundoshi.”

On the official Teraya website, a quote from Ishigami reads:

“At first, I had reservations, but once I tried it on, I really like the fresh fundoshi feeling. There’s none of the constriction of boxer briefs, so it feels really nice. I feel like everyone, not just men but women too, should try them at least once.”

▼ Yuya Miura even shared some behind-the-scenes snaps of the fundoshi photo shoot on his official Twitter page:

▼ We love the traditional Japanese design!

After all, you’ve got to keep those family jewels cool somehow, and taking too many ice baths can’t be good for you. Right, guys?

The fundoshi retail for 4,320 yen (US$36) each, which is rather expensive for a pair of undercrackers, but well worth it, we reckon. After all, why settle for restrictive drawers when you can join the ranks of the culturally-enlightened fundoshi elite?

Source: NetLab, Twitter/@v_varenstaff, Teraya
Main image:  Twitter/@v_varenstaff