Taking a trip to the Brazil of Japan, Oizumi, for lunch

It’s a long way from the office, but it’s the most authentic Brazilian food we can find without going all the way to Brazil.

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We visit a Latin supermarket in Tokyo, get our hands on some Inca Kola and spicy chocolate

How does Mr. Sato like the taste of Inca Kola?

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Japanese Brazillian BBQ restaurants offering take-out disposable grills made of cardboard

Finally, the to-go churrasco that you asked for.

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Netizens educate president of Brazil on the wonders of the anime world with hilarious results

Who knew that the best teachers would turn out to be anime and Photoshop?

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We go Brazilian at Tokyo restaurant that offers “Brazilian-style ramen”

Smooth and slippery noodles are accompanied by some surprising sights.

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Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis lives again, is back in production 28 years after its initial launch

The first 16-bit video game console won’t be manufactured by Sega, though, or even in Japan.

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Japanese fan seemingly upset at Brazil soccer win trolls Tokyo Game Show toilet

Considering soccer is one sport Japanese athletes both male and female excel at compared to others, it’s easy to see why there’s so many fans of the Japan National and Women’s National Football Teams.

That’s why it may not be so surprising that after the men’s soccer team’s humiliating 0-4 defeat against Brazil last year, fans were feeling a little sour. But just how long do sports grudges last? Apparently quite awhile if you go by this picture of a certain popular Brazilian player that someone stuck in one of the urinals at the most-recent Tokyo Game Show.

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Creative 15-year-old artist makes characters pop out of “notebooks” like magic

If you’re looking at the picture above and wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you, yes, they probably are.

15-year-old Brazilian artist João Carvalho creates these simple yet amazing 3-D illustrations of famous characters, among other things, that seem to have emerged from the back of the page of a ruled notebook. See his brilliant creations after the break!

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World Cup humiliation for Brazil inspires Internet memes

Brazil’s loss to Germany in the World Cup was, without a doubt, some of the biggest news of the week. Even non-soccer fans have heard about–and thrived on the Schadenfreude of–the massive blow out. It’s probably fair to say that, while not the biggest loss in World Cup history, it will likely be the most memorable of this tournament, and after losing to the Netherlands earlier today there’s even less for the country to celebrate.

And here to make sure that no one will ever forget about the horrible beating that Brazil faced is the Internet and tons of memes to make you laugh and cry simultaneously!

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Otsukare-sama deshita: A look back at Team Japan’s time at the World Cup

It’s over. With their 1-4 defeat against Colombia, Team Japan is officially out of the World Cup tournament after just three matches. The boys in blue put up a good fight, but arguably left a lot on the pitch in Group C, in what many say was Japan’s best chance to make a big impact on the world stage. But despite the disappointing losses (and one unbelievable tie), there were some truly great moments that came out of the tournament for Samurai Blue. So before we all move on and choose a different team to support, let us take a moment to look back at the matches, the players, and those crazy fans who came together to root on NIPPON!

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The craziest fans at the World Cup

When it comes to sports passion nothing brings out the crazy in fans more than international competitions.Now mix that with the biggest tournament for the world’s most popular sport and we end up with a show in the stands at the World Cup that is nearly as entertaining as the matches being played.

Let’s take a look at some of the fans with the craziest costumes and attire from the first six days of the World Cup.

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Chinese flight attendants wear team Brazil jerseys and mini-skirts to celebrate World Cup

Team Japan’s female fans have already shown us how to wear the mighty Samurai Blue jersey the cutest way, but if online reaction is anything to go by, these Chinese flight attendants get a hat trick in style. Their special World Cup in-flight service has been pleasing passengers and netizens alike.

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Japanese soccer fans remember their manners in Brazil, clean up before going home

Their national team may have lost their World Cup game against Ivory Coast yesterday morning, but Japanese fans didn’t forget their manners, it would seem.

Like all good kids who remember to say thank you to their friend’s mother after playing at their home, Japan’s passionate football fans reportedly grabbed refuse bags and cleaned up after themselves before leaving the stadium following their team’s match against the African side.

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Brazilian man spends over $3,000 on plastic surgery to look ‘Korean’

We’ve looked at plastic surgery in South Korea from pretty much every angle there is, but this is the first time we’ve come across something quite like this!

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) of pop culture has been steadily gaining strength around the world over the last few years as more and more people discover the infectious sounds of K-Pop and the addictive plot lines of K-dramas (seriously, I double dare you to watch only one episode before going to bed). South America is no exception to the trend, with starstruck female fans swooning over the dreamy Korean men and soaking up the trademark dances that go with each song. Which is perhaps why one 25-year-old Brazilian man decided to undergo a series of cosmetic surgeries to make himself look more Korean.

We’ve heard of Korean citizens getting work done to look more like Western models and stars, but this is a first for us. Join us after the jump for a slew of photos from this man’s amazing transformation.

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Disney-fied Game of Thrones looks family-friendly but enthralling nonetheless!

All right, who’s a fan of Game of Thrones? I’ll admit straight off the bat that I didn’t watch “the most epic TV serial of the year” (I quote my friend), though I was rather tempted to when almost all my friends and colleagues were discussing it like some secret conspiracy. I would have definitely dived into it, however, if it had been an animation series!

There must be other people out there who think like me, because look at these amazing Disney-esque illustrations of characters from Game of Thrones!

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“Brazilian” coffee cola released in Japan

From the country that brought you carbonated espresso comes a coffee and cola drink claiming to be Brazilian that’s described as a “delicious Carnival.” Wait, what?

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Baskin Robbins Japan gets into the FIFA World Cup spirit — with colorful Brazilian-themed sherbet!

So, is everyone excited about the FIFA World Cup in Brazil coming up next month? While Japan is practically on the opposite end of the world from Brazil, there’s sure to be plenty of devoted soccer fans here who will be watching the World Cup games intently. And just to make sure everyone in Japan gets even more excited about the event than they already are, Baskin Robbins Japan is coming out with a new, colorful sherbet flavor — the “Trio de Janeiro“!

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Japan’s very own Braziltown offers great food and shopping for a great price

The World Cup is now less than half a year away! Don’t you wish you could go to Brazil to cheer on your national team? For those of you living in Japan who can’t quite scrape together the funds for that ticket, we bet you didn’t know that you can visit Japan’s very own ‘Braziltown’ right outside of Tokyo! While the world’s most widely viewed sporting event won’t be coming to the area anytime soon, you can still get a taste of the atmosphere by visiting authentic Brazilian restaurants and import stores. And the best part of going? This Braziltown is located within two hours of Tokyo and only costs 1,000 yen (US$9.77) to get there. Not bad considering airfares these days… 

The folks at Another Tokyo, a popular Japanese website dedicated to introducing off-the-beaten track places around Japan, sent a reporter to Braziltown to check it out. Join us for a look at his photos and to hear about his experience.

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12 toilet oddities around the world that surprise Japan

Squat toilets aside, Japan’s technological achievements in the restroom are well-known. From seat warmers to washlets and noise-eliminators, Japan is probably the number one place to go number two. But what does the country of the advanced-thinking toilet think of restrooms around the world? Read below to find out!

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