At some point in our childhoods, most of us probably owned a few coloring books to keep us entertained on rainy days or while traveling.

Although coloring is still a great way to boost a child’s imagination and improve motor skills, as digital technology continues to develop, fewer children are turning to coloring books to pass the time.

So in order to make coloring “cool” again, Disney decided to do a little research into what they could do to breathe some life back into this old pastime favorite.

By turning coloring book pictures into 3D images that can be viewed with a downloadable app, Disney has discovered a new way to make coloring books more interactive and fun.

This new technology works by by way of augmented reality, making each finished or partially colored image appear as if it were jumping off the page when viewed using a tablet with the application installed. For those curious, Disney published a rather technical, in-depth report about the production process and the variables behind it here, as well as this explanation video below:

But for an easier-to-digest view of what this technology can really do, look no further than Quiver Augmented Reality:

Based on the results that find children are able to develop a deeper connection with the 3D images they’ve created over still, 2D versions, Disney has plans to unveil a new coloring book making the most of this technology sometime in the future. Once released it should be accessible to both Android and iOS devices.

Who knows? Maybe eventually in the future you’ll also be able to color 3D images of your favorite anime characters, too.

Source: YouTube/DisneyResearchHub, YouTube/Quiver Augmented Reality via Hachima Kikou
Feature/Top image: YouTube/Quiver Augmented Reality