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Even if you’re happy to share your home or workspace with a cat, there are still certain boundaries you want to maintain. In the past we’ve looked at special products designed to keep your feline companion off your chair or keyboard, and to make sure everything stays tidy most people want their desk to stay cat-free as well. However, with this new line of kitty-shaped pencil stands you can have a whole team of organizational felines adorably holding everything in its proper place.

Cat-themed lifestyle brand Felissimo has just started selling its Hanasanainyaa Grip Stands (“Hanasanainyaa” being a mashup of hanasanai (“I won’t let go”) and nya (the sound of a cat meowing in Japanese).

▼ Cute from the front or back

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While they’re primarily designed to hold onto a pen or pencil, they can also keep a makeup brush upright, and their outstretched limbs and ears can also function as accessory holders.

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As with Felissimo’s cat-shaped curtain rail decorations, the set of six reclining kitty holders is sold under a system where customers are shipped a different model at random each month. The first purchase is at a discounted price of 900 yen (US$7.60), with the price rising slightly to 980 yen each for the remaining five. Felissimo will donate 30 yen of each purchase to an animal welfare organization.

▼ Rolled-up memos are another object they can handle with ease.

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Orders can be placed here through the Felissimo website.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Nekobu
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