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There are millions of people living in Tokyo, and most of them moved from somewhere else to Tokyo in order to find work in the bustling city. Among these millions is a large number of people who choose to forgo a long commute and live on their own in a tiny apartment, so we’re sure many share very similar experiences at home.

A whimsical CG film entered in the 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Supreme Short Movie Contest has captured a ton of popularity for its animation style, which many say is reminiscent of a Pixar movie. But what really sets it apart is the fact that the short film shares Pixar’s playfulness as well.

Created by Takuya Okada, this short movie starts off with a normal “end of the day” scene that we imagine any officer worker in Tokyo would recognize, but it soon turns into a magical journey through a runaway imagination.

Her night begins with a convenience store dinner and some computer time, and it takes a left turn towards the even more mundane when she realizes she has to do laundry.

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The monotony of the chore sends our heroine into a semi-trance and when she puts her hand on the washing machine, she plunges through it, teleported first into the water and then into the night sky. Fear not, though, because she is rescued by her trusty flying pig!

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Every good story needs a good villain, and our heroine’s adventures is interrupted by the entrance of Mr. Gokiburi, nemesis of the household.

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There can be only one outcome for this battle, only one resident of this apartment, and our leading lady is the one forking over plenty of yen to call it home. The camera cuts away to hide the graphic details from us, but a loud “thwack!” should make it clear who won this battle.

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These dream-like sequences are probably a product of a worker’s incredibly tired mind, since we all know how long the average office worker’s day is. Still, it’s a treat to see the crazy adventures that play out in our mind animated in such an exciting way! The 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Supreme Short Movie Contest is being run by TBS in Japan and this particular short film is an audience choice entry. Voting ends on November 6, so if you enjoyed watching it, make sure you give it your support on their voting page (click the pink box). You can also check out Takuya Okada’s YouTube page for other videos. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

Source: Nari Nari
Screenshots: YouTube/Takuya Okada