Sprint And Pokémon GO Want To Send You To Japan!

Sprint wants to send you and three of your friends to Yokohama for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in August!

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Kirin beer to give away 1,000 Curry Fountains, Japanese people think they look like poops

Finally, curry the way its meant to be eaten: cascading.

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Anime-style novel contest in Japan bans alternate reality stories and teen protagonists

Publisher nixes two of the most common storytelling tricks in the anime playbook in attempt to create something adults can enjoy.

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One year after start of his girlfriend recruitment project, our reporter finally goes on a date

And no, Seiji didn’t rent his companion for his anime movie date.

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The ita-bag contest showcases your favorite anime characters in the most painful way【Photos】

The results are a bright kaleidoscope of repetition and fandom that makes our eyes burn.

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The gloomy faces of a father-son pair on a Disney ride go viral on Twitter for a funny reason

Tokyo Disneyland has been called “the land where dreams come true” and “the most magical place on Earth,” but never “the land of complete sullenness.”

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The best part-time job in Japan? Get paid $440 per day to take naps!

Celebrate the upcoming release of anime film Hirune Hime (“Napping Princess“) by winning the job of a nap.

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Meet Miyamoto and win $10,000 by submitting your Nintendo t-shirt design to UNIQLO 【Video】

If you love Nintendo and making art, then this is the chance you’ve been waiting for!

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Want to date RocketNews24’s most eligible bachelor? Here’s your chance! 【Contest】

Single Japanese male seeks romantic partner, who just might be you!

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Announcing the winners of our RocketNews24 x TokyoTreat KitKat Collection Box giveaway!

Were you one of the thousands of people who entered our epic KitKat giveaway? Find out if you’ve won here!

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Win a Premium Japanese Kit Kat box, courtesy of TokyoTreat!【Contest closed】

Love Kit Kats? Wish you could get your hands on the amazing varieties available only in Japan? How about a whole box of them?

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Announcing the winners of the RocketNews24 Pikachu ramen giveaway contest!

After reading through a mountainous pile of entries, we’re ready to announce the four lucky instant noodle/Pokémon fans who’ve won some Pikachu ramen. Are you one of them? Read on to find out!

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And the winner of the Street Fighter V “Miss Chun-Li Cosplay Contest” is… Zangief?!


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Crossdressing metalhead Ladybeard makes it to the finals of moe contest for cat-eared beauties

The top 10 includes four fabulous guys and six gorgeous girls. Who will you vote for?

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We’re giving away Pikachu ramen in the RocketNews24 reader contest!

Want to get your hands on some genuine, Japan-only Pikachu ramen? Read on to find out how you can in our RocketNews24 reader giveaway!

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It’s time to vote for Japan’s most beautiful butt! 【Photos】

Because it’s not like it can choose itself, is it?

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Smokers vs. non-smokers: A 50-year health and financial comparison【Video】

We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit. Each year about 200,000 people in Japan alone die from smoking- (and passive smoking-) related illnesses. On a global scale, about six million die from smoking-related diseases every year.

In an effort to reduce the number of smokers in Japan, Japanese anti-smoking NPO No Smoke holds an annual video contest titled “Tobacco is Harmful to Your Health”, calling for original video submissions that raise awareness of the dangers and harmful effects of smoking.

The first-place winner of the video contest held in 2012 created a movie highlighting the simple differences between smokers and non-smokers in terms of financial cost. As we’re about to see, smoking is not only harmful to your health but a horribly expensive habit.

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Short CG film shows everyone’s life in Tokyo with a major and exciting twist【Video】

There are millions of people living in Tokyo, and most of them moved from somewhere else to Tokyo in order to find work in the bustling city. Among these millions is a large number of people who choose to forgo a long commute and live on their own in a tiny apartment, so we’re sure many share very similar experiences at home.

A whimsical CG film entered in the 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Supreme Short Movie Contest has captured a ton of popularity for its animation style, which many say is reminiscent of a Pixar movie. But what really sets it apart is the fact that the short film shares Pixar’s playfulness as well.

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Calling all plane otaku! Fly at home with a real-life steering yoke…with one small catch

ANA (All Nippon Airways) knows how to treat their fans. They’ve got Pokémon and Star Wars-themed planes, and now they’re doing something even more special: raffling off the actual steering yokes of a retired Boeing 767.

Do you want to have the ultimate flight simulator controller? Or finally complete your ANA-themed bedroom? Read on to find out how you can get your hands on a piece of Japanese flight history! But be warned: There is a slight catch.

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Otaku ita-bag contest winner a painful sight to behold: “Is it even a bag anymore?”

You’ve probably heard of itasha before, otaku-owned cars that are so laden with designs of anime girls that they are almost painful to look at. Whether you’re a fan or a hater, you have to admit the owners of itasha are extremely dedicated to their passion. There’s only problem: you can’t flaunt your passion when you’re not in your car.

Thankfully there’s a solution! Ita-bags—bags that are so weighed down with anime girl pictures and merchandise that they may cause sudden pain in the beholder. And ita-bags are not a niche interest either; they everywhere. There was even an ita-bag contest held in Tokyo recently, and you have to see the winning bag to believe it.

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