Award-winning actor who starred in the hit film Koizora has died from a suspected suicide. 

Popular actor and singer Haruma Miura was found dead at his home in Tokyo this afternoon. Miura was 30 years old.

According to reports, Miura’s manager went to his apartment in Minato Ward at approximately 1:00 p.m. on 18 July after he failed to arrive on set to shoot scenes for the upcoming TBS drama Okane no Kireme ga Koi no Hajimari (“The End of Money is the Start of Love“). Sources say he was found unresponsive, hanged in a closet, and was confirmed dead at hospital a short time later.

Witnesses say police, ambulance and fire department vehicles were called to the residence. A suicide note was reportedly found in the apartment and the death is currently being investigated as a suicide by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Born in Ibaraki, Miura made his television debut at the age of seven in the NHK drama Agri. In 2007, he rose to fame after winning Newcomer of the Year at the Japan Academy Awards for playing the lead role of Hiro in the internationally acclaimed Japanese movie Koizora opposite actress Yui Aragaki.

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Miura, who was signed to top agency Amuse Inc., appeared in numerous television, theatre and film productions, including the live-action Attack on Titan movie, becoming one of the country’s most well-known actors. Miura was currently appearing on television as presenter of the travel program Sekai wa Hoshii Mono ni Afureteru – Tabi Suru Buyer Gokujo List (The World is Full of Desirable Things – Top Notch List) on NHK.

▼ Miura shared this video six weeks ago, thanking his fans in Japanese and English after he reached one million followers on Instagram.

He was set to appear in a number of upcoming projects, including TV shows and the stage musical The Illusionist, which is set to begin in December. Miura’s second single, “Night Diver” was also set to go on sale from 26 August.

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Following Miura’s death, fellow singer and actor Yu Shirota could be seen crying while singing live on television just hours after the news broke. Shirota co-starred with Miura a number of times, including in the 2009 TV drama Samurai High School.

Miura’s management agency is yet to make a formal announcement regarding the death and the future of his upcoming projects.

If you or someone you know is in Japan and having suicidal thoughts, there are people here to help. Click here for more info.

Sources: NHKYahoo! Japan via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Instagram/Haruma_miura_info

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