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“Gangnam Style”, the absolute mega-hit of 2012, came pretty much out of nowhere. The song was popular not only in its home country of South Korea, but all over the world, going on to become the most watched video on YouTube ever. Psy, the artist of this masterpiece, traveled all over the world to show the gathering masses his weird, but very iconic “horsey” dance.

And now, to immortalize this historic achievement, South Korea’s Gangnam district is proposing a grand addition: a gigantic monument positioned in the horsey hands pose.

“Gangnam Style” is incredible because it not only became the first YouTube video ever to hit one billion views, but also because it’s the only video so far that has surpassed the two billion mark—the music video has been watched so many times, in fact, that it broke YouTube’s original view counter.

It’s not often that someone can literally claim that they “broke the Internet”, so it’s no surprise that Korea and the Gangnam District wanted to honor the song in some special fashion, even if the lyrics poke fun at the region in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

▼ One assumes they will also pass a by-law stipulating everyone must dance when they see this thing

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The district has suggested building a 17 feet by 27 feet monument that captures the awkward, yet iconic horsey hands that Psy and his crew make when they dance in the song. It’s not clear whose hands will be used as the model for the statue, but we can only hope that Psy was asked to come in for a hand casting.

The proposed statue would cost 418,327,000 won (US$366,301) and if successful, erected as early as this December, Kotaku reports. Is this the statue that we’ve never needed, but the statue that we deserved, just like the dance itself? Probably, and a huge monument will only assist the world in slowly pushing the video to three billion views as we continue to rock that silly and now classic dance.

Source: Kotaku US
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