Java sparrows are pretty popular pets in Japan, where they’re called buncho. But even though buncho literally means “literature bird,” some of the cute little creatures apparently have more of a gift for music, like in this video of one Java sparrow dancing adorably to the sounds of one of Japan’s most popular rock bands and singing along like he’s at karaoke.

Java sparrows are pretty small, with a size so compact that you can have one perched on your thumb and still have room left over to hold a smartphone in the same hand. That’s what Japanese Twitter user Kiku-san did with her pet, and while he was there, she decided to play the video for “Yoru no Orodiko” (“Nighttime Dancers”) by Sapporo-based band Sakanaction.

But it wasn’t just Kiku-san who was enjoying the driving beat and energetic guitars, but her feathered friend as well, who got so amped up he started dancing like he was at a Sakanaction live show.

▼ The official “Yoru no Odoriko” video

The Java sparrow shows off a pretty decent sense of rhythm, with his hops synching up with the song’s beats and the video’s cuts. Infused with the spirit of rock (or karaoke) the bird even starts singing along with a series of happy cheeps and chirps.

So even though the “Sakana” in Sakanaction comes from the Japanese word for “fish,” it looks like the band has at least one avian superfan.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@oo_KIKUSAN