While we get as warm and fuzzy as anyone when we spy a puppy, kitten, or bunny, our love of the animal kingdom extends far beyond just those three types of critters. We’re pretty fond of owls, too, whether they’re keeping us company as we have a drink, silently serving as art tutors, or just hanging around the house.

But as tranquil and wise as they may usually appear, even owls have limits, and there are some sights so provocative they cause the birds to go completely bananas, like this guy here is doing.

Twitter user O-Ji (@noantica) regularly shares snapshots of his pet, which most of the time can be seen calmly chilling around his owner’s home.

That is, until something got the northern white-faced owl worked up enough to flare out so many of its feathers that it seemed to transform into something else entirely, with commentators saying it looked more like a peacock, folding fan, or even a samba headdress that wouldn’t be out of place at Carnival in Rio.

So what was the source of this avian agitation? Was there a burglar in the house? A fire? A particularly fine lady owl?

The correct answer is none of the above, but below.

We’re not exactly sure why the sight of tropical fruit gets the animal so worked up, as bananas, being neither mobile nor carnivorous, present only the most limited of threats to owls. Still, there’s obviously something going on here the bird doesn’t approve of. Maybe it’s just a stickler when it comes to proper produce handling, and is trying to say “Dude! Why’d you tear the tip off! Now it’s going to get all spotted, mushy, and nasty!”

Source: Twitter/@noantica via Hamster Sokuho