Tipping is a custom often debated in the world of customer service. Proponents of the practice believe workers are more motivated to give better service knowing that they will be paid better for doing so, while opponents argue that it shouldn’t be up to the customer to determine how much the employee gets paid.

But whether working for tips or not, if you treat the one serving you with kindness and respect, they are more likely to go out of their way to give you better service. Take, for example, this poster on Twitter, who left a little origami crane with a tip for the hotel cleaning staff, and in return got an even bigger surprise!

Twitter-user @dot5_tea was staying at an unspecified hotel, when he left a little folded paper crane on top of the tip he left for the room cleaners. It was just a small token of appreciation, yet far more personable than just a couple of bills left on the table. The cleaner seemed to enjoy the small gesture, because when the Twitter user came back to the room, he found a little gift in return:

▼ “I left an origami crane on top of the tip I left in my hotel room. When I came back, there was a towel bunny there to greet me.”

It could have ended there, but why should it? When you have a few paper-folding tricks up your sleeve, you’ve got to step up the game and one-up with an even better return gift.

“Not to be outdone, the next time I left an origami shuriken (ninja throwing star) on top of the tip before going out. When I came back, an elephant was there to greet me too.”

You have to wonder what would happen if he’d left something like this next:

origami5Image: Rye Middle School

But his two towel friends were enough, and he gracefully accepted defeat. Still, it’s a nice reminder that even the little gestures don’t go unnoticed, and can even turn into something greater.

Source: Twitter/ @dot5_tea
Top image: Wikipedia/ Andreas Baurer, Twitter/ @dot5_tea (edited by RocketNews24)