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If you thought ninjas had died out during the fall of the Shogunate, then do we have a surprise for you. Introducing Japan’s modern-day ninjas who look strikingly like firefighters.

To be a firefighter, you need to be able to move quickly and precisely. Time is of the essence in most cases and the training to prepare firefighters for high-risk situations helps them develop both immense strength and skill. Those sound exactly like the characteristics of a ninja, and the firefighters at the Kasuya Hokubu Fire Department have put on a dazzling display of their moves and rope mastery.

You aren’t quite sure what’s going on at first until you see the rope swing expertly around their bodies. Only a second passes from the time a firefighter securely fastens an oxygen tank to himself and his partner correctly arranging the ropes on him. That feat alone must require amazing cooperation and coordination.

fire 1

And that’s just the beginning. These guys shimmy up walls, zoom across a rope tied between two buildings, and twirl the braided cord around like they are swinging nunchaku.

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This video was taken during a firefighter’s rope competition that tested their abilities to perform life-saving maneuvers involving rope in the fastest time possible. Even though we can barely register what’s going on, it’s still entirely captivating to watch.

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You can count on professionals to put on such an amazing demonstration of skill and should the need arise, we can depend on the firefighters of Japan to rope us out of any fiery situations, using their ninja powers for good and not for any cat burglar-ing evil.

Source: Grape
Screenshots: YouTube/DIMERSAR Corp