School uniforms inspired by Japanese manga have come to life as dresses designed for everyday wear by women of all ages.

The dresses have been designed by Sukiyaki, a branch of online fashion retailer Felissimo that aims to bring the feeling of suki! (like!) to their customers through creative anime, manga and idol-inspired designs. Identifying a gap in the market for women who want to relive the charm of wearing schoolgirl uniforms out in the real world, Sukiyaki developed three gorgeous styles: an art school uniform, a girls’ college uniform and a public high school uniform.


The Ladylike Girls’ College Uniform (12,204 yen/US$99.04)

Part Anne of Green Gables and part Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle, this classic style features a stand-up collar and a long length that falls elegantly below the knee, giving a beautiful, ladylike silhouette.


The Public High School at the Top of the Hill Uniform (11,664 yen)

This uniform takes its inspiration from the standard blue-and-white high school uniforms worn by thousands of girls attending co-ed public schools across Japan. Girls riding their mama-chari bikes up the slope to school will bring back fond memories for many, and with dainty ribbon details and a length that sits properly at the knee, you’ll finally feel like one of the good girls at school.


The Quirky Art School Uniform (11,124 yen)

If you’ve ever dreamed of going off to a quirky art school with a bag full of coloured pencils and supplies, this high-waisted uniform with a creatively designed sailor-style collar is for you. The tie-ribbon belt is detachable for those who want to tone down the look.


The pretty outfits are designed to be worn out and about, to lunches, dates and girly get-togethers. We’re not sure if we’ll be game enough to wear one of these around town on the weekend, but it’s a safe first-step for shy cosplayers and a perfect way to bring a bit of old-school nostalgia to your wardrobe.

Images: Felissimo (Sukiyaki), PR TIMES
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