Halloween has already passed, but when you’re talking about amazing steampunk-inspired outfits and accessories, like these custom-made motorized goggles, who needs a reason to dress up? Check out how this crafty Japanese Twitterer turned some spare parts into a work of art!

The talented @FRISK_P, a self-proclaimed fan of all that is steampunk, has been sharing the progress of his work on Twitter, giving us a peek at how his project went from plastic pipe caps, to goggles you’d think were straight out of a movie, with real moving parts and interchangeable lenses.

▼ “Bought a couple polyvinyl pipe caps and embedded the servos into them.”

▼ “After much deliberation, I decided to up the grade-school quality a bit and fit it with a diaphragm shutter. So, I went to Hard Off* and bought an old junk camera lens. I can probably use the other lens and rings for various other projects.”

(*It’s not what it sounds like! Hard Off is a chain that sells used electronic goods, and is a sister company to the popular Book Off stores.)

▼ “Diaphragm lens movement test. Yesss! It’s super grade-school quality!”

▼ “It’s almost finished, so here’s a test for the movement of the right side. Automatic changing lenses like I’ve seen in some anime and manga!”

@FRISK_P doesn’t say how much time went into the transformation, but we’re guessing it took quite a while, as his posts were spread out over a week or so. That’s some very impressive, creative work there, and we hope to be seeing more of it!

Source and top image: Twitter/ @FRISK_P