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With a tagline of “So kimoi (strange), so kawaii (cute)”, we knew we had to check this out.

Most people probably already have a preferred music player, but you might want to check out this new app called aDanza anyway. It not only plays your favorite music, but also has alpacas, frogs, sumo wrestlers, and pineapples busting a groove on your screen. Each character specializes in a different type of dance too, so if you’re looking for someone to slay at hip hop, you’d better pick the frog.

▼ Or if you want a pop dancer, then the alpaca is the best choice.

▼ You can make multiple characters dance in the same styles as the lead dancer too!

Just by shaking your iPhone, you can switch up the number of dancers on your screen. And if the six characters and styles that come with aDanza aren’t enough, there are plenty of others ready to pop ‘n lock to the beat for a nominal fee in the in-app store.

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These strange yet cute 3-D CG dancers will get jiggy with it in numerous locations like in the middle of a visualizer, the beach at different times of the day or the app can even access your camera to dance on any surface in your room.

aDanza is a free app that is currently only available on the Japanese iTunes store, although there are plans to release an Android version in the future. Currently, the app is very particular about what songs the characters will dance to; they have to be ones that have been downloaded directly from the iTunes store. But don’t let that restriction stop you from trying aDanza out because it will bring you plenty of joy.

▼ Don’t believe us? Just check out these Tweets!

The aDanza app isn’t a life changer, but it’s definitely good enough to provide you with a bit of extra entertainment for songs you already love to listen to.

Source: iTunes Japan, H/T: Zhai Zhai Xin Wen
Top Image: iTunes Japan (edited by RocketNews24)