Long lines of giant, waddling Pikachu aren’t exactly an unfamiliar sight around these parts, but the sight of them struggle to get through a turnstile is absolutely adorable!

We’ve seen our fair share of giant mascots of the popular Pokémon around Japan, but it looks like the grinning cuties ran into a bit of trouble in Hong Kong! A video making the rounds on Facebook right now shows the line of yellow-and-black mascots struggling to get through a gate as a laughing woman peers at them like a survivor hiding from zombies.

▼ Dead-eyed and shuffling? Are we sure they’re not zombies?


The video, which was posted early in November, has over 1.2 million views on Facebook—and we’re sure it’ll have quite a few more by the end of the year! The clone Pikachu army apparently stayed busy in Hong Kong, as photos posted by Weekend Weekly show the Pokémon walking dogs, strolling along the waterfront, and hanging out with a Pikachu-themed van.

But none of the photos capture the surrealist image of giant waddling Pikachu as well as the video of the mascots squeezing through the gate above. If ever there was proof that life is absurd, we’d point to that!

Source/featured image: Facebook/Weekend Weekly Jetso

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