Tokyo’s most popular souvenir gets even better, and easier to find too.

If you’re a fan of sweets and Pokémon, living in Japan is sort of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, confectioners make mouthwatering Pocket Monster desserts for the franchise’s huge home country fanbase, but the sheer number of loyal enthusiasts means that those desserts can sell out pretty quickly.

Case in point: the batch of special Pikachu Tokyo Banana cakes that came out last month and were exclusive to 7-Eleven stores? They sold out almost immediately, and while we managed to grab a some, not everyone was so lucky. But if you missed out, cheer up, because now there’s a permanent Pokémon Tokyo Banana store on the way!

The store will be located in the Hanagataya South Passage inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station. The proximity to train and Shinkansen lines will come in handy, since standard Tokyo Banana cakes were already one of Tokyo’s most popular food souvenirs, so bringing a pack of the Pikachu ones to friends in other parts of Japan is sure to make you a hero in their eyes/stomachs.

▼ The adorable baking-of video leaves us wanting to both hug and eat Pikachu.

▼ We haven’t seen this many Pikachus since the last Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama!

The banana-shaped sponge cakes are filled with banana custard cream, while the outside is decorated with one of six different Pikachu designs, including the rare “tail” cake,

In addition to the previously available two-pack bag, the Pokémon Tokyo Banana Tokyo Station shop will also be offering a box of eight Pikachu Tokyo Bananas.

Oddly enough, even on a per-Pikachu basis, the 1,188-yen (US$11.30) box is slightly pricier than the 291-yen bag (the math works out to 148.5 yen versus 145.5 yen). Still, it’s hard to say no to the box, since it’s definitely the sort of thing we’d like to have gracing our home even after we’ve polished off all the sweets

▼ Trust us, we’d have no problem eating eight of these.

Pokémon Tokyo Banana Tokyo Station opens on December 10, and there’s even more fun to come in January, when the store is teasing that there’s going to be an all-new “Pokémon Tokyo Banana,” which means there might be yet another Pokémon species joining Pikachu in Tokyo Banana form.

Source, images: PR Times
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