Ever wondered where Bruce Wayne would crash during a visit to Tokyo? You’d find him here in the Bat Cave, of course, and now you can stay here too!

The unique apartment is available for short-term rental via popular independent lodgings website, AirBnB. Parker, an expat music producer and owner of the apartment, has filled the space with all types of Batman-themed goods to create what he likes to call “Mr Wayne’s Tokyo residence”.

▼ Visitors can enjoy the comforts of the Bat Cave while Mr Wayne is away on “business”.


Located just one minute away from the bright lights of Shibuya Crossing, the studio apartment has received glowing reviews from visitors, who are impressed not only with the convenient location, but also the fun atmosphere created by all the unique furnishings.



There’s a huge king-size double bed, a rare find compared to other rentals in the area, which comes complete with matching his and hers Batman pillows.


And a double sofa bed or two single furniture beds, so that the apartment will accommodate up to four people comfortably.



The wardrobe is where Mr Wayne hangs up his batsuit before turning in for the night. If he ever forgets where he put it, that sign on the door should help him out!


The apartment also offers the fastest model of portable pocket WiFi, kept safe in the hands of a faithful Wolverine Bearbrick until you arrive.


▼ The intercom doubles as a bat phone, while the walls are covered in colourful prints.


Some of the rare prints in the apartment include an officially licensed poster by artist Dave Perillo (left) and a hard-to-find hand-printed silkscreen Batman print by Tim Doyle that glows in the dark (right).


▼ A night sleeping with prints like these is like a dream come true for fans and collectors.


In the middle of the room there’s the entertainment suite, with a 40-inch television and a coffee table filled with manga magazines and hundreds of Batman comics.


There’s also a Sony PlayStation 4 with four controllers and six games, including Metal Gear Solid V, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Batman: Arkham Knight (of course!) and hard-as-nails hit Bloodborne.


▼ That’s more than enough to keep you entertained on a cold night or rainy day!


▼ Behind the door marked “Batman” in katakana is a tidy black-and-white bathroom.



The apartment also includes a washing machine and a compact kitchen area complete with a bar fridge, sink and a hot-plate for cooking. Although, with hundreds of restaurants right on your doorstep, you probably won’t be doing much cooking anyway!

▼ If you want to heat up a store-bought bento, you’ll have to run it past Batman, who sits on top of the microwave with his brightly lit air freshener.


▼ There’s even a bright yellow bat signal on the wall!


Available from 9,000 yen (US$73.54) per night, plus a 4,501 yen cleaning fee, this has to be one of the most unique places to lay your head right in the heart of Tokyo.


Simply awesome.

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Images via AirBnB

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