One YouTube vlogger explores some of the greatest tech Shenzhen, home to what many consider to be the world’s best electronics market, has to offer.

Located just north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a popular day trip spot. It’s famous for its electronics factories, like those of name-brand electronics supplier Foxconn, and the SEG/Huaqiangbei Electronics Market, where new, old, and counterfeit technology comes together to create one of the largest showrooms of consumer electronics, spanning multiple floors and countless booths.

Recently, popular YouTube tech guru Dom Esposito paid the area a visit and returned with some of the best, albeit strangest, items the market had to offer for under 200 yuan (approximately USD$30).

Despite a significant number of the booths geared towards hobbyists or employees who make part runs for smaller and mid-sized factories located nearby, numerous consumers also flock to the market for legit-looking knock-offs and customized gadgetry. Here are a few of Don’s epic finds:

▼ Move over “Hotline Bling”, here comes “Hotrod Bling”.


▼ How about an iPhone to re-charge your iPhone?


▼ You can even find accessories for electronics releases that haven’t even hit the market yet. iPhone 7 headset, anyone?


But when it comes to outfitting early 1990s cell phone technology with Bluetooth and touch screens, it becomes unclear whether these breakthroughs should be considered progress or regression.

Many now consider Shenzhen to be the new Akihabara, and it’s a safe bet that whatever ridiculous tech combo you can dream up, if it’s out there, you’ll probably be able to find it in China’s electronics mecca!

Source: YouTube/Dom Esposito via Business Insider
Top/insert images: YouTube/Dom Esposito