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Company’s first Future Lab design aims to revolutionize how we listen to music.

Sony is a Japanese brand that’s recognized all over the world for its variety of electronics, music, movies, and of course, their gaming console. While it’s been a while since Sony has brought the world something as iconic as the Sony Walkman, their labs have been burning the midnight oil working to bring the latest and greatest products that will improve your daily life. Announced on March 4, the Future Lab Program is the new banner under which Sony will promote a creative environment and open communication with society to create new technology and lifestyles for the future.

Since the announcement of this new program, Future Lab has been drumming up excitement with teasers of one project that is likely to be featured at the South by Southwest conference and festival this coming weekend in Austin, Texas.

Titled “N”, the short video gives viewers barely a glimpse as to what the product can do, but at the moment, Sony describes the prototype as a hands-free user interface that creates a new way of experiencing audio such as music and sound, which allows the user to receive audio information without having to insert any object into his or her ear.

https://twitter.com/Sony_FLP/status/706147778301337601 https://twitter.com/Sony_FLP/status/706510429976006657

Could this be the headset of the future? Ghostly humans, give us a preview of what it could be like to walk through their showroom.

There are so many questions that need to be answered about this headset, but one thing is for certain, if Sony has developed a device that delivers audio into our ears without putting anything physically in there, we can’t wait to see what else Sony’s Future Lab Program has brewing for us.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/Sony