These may not be Dom Dom prices, but they are Dom Dom quality.

Dom Dom is a homegrown Japanese fast food burger chain that is known for coming up with interesting concoctions every now and then, like using camembert cheese in place of burger buns or literally sticking a whole fried crab between burger buns. Along with their crazy flavors, they’re also popular for their low prices, comparable to the likes of competitors like McDonald’s, Mos Burger, and more.

But Dom Dom decided to try something a little different in Tokyo’s Shimbashi neighborhood. They opened a special branch of Dom Dom called “Tree & Tree’s by Dom Dom” on August 2. Curious about this new brand, our gourmet adventurer Mr. Sato ventured out to see how it differed from your run-of-the-mill Dom Dom joint.

▼ They have a lot of congratulatory flowers out front to celebrate their opening.

Tree & Tree’s is located about a three-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station’s Karasumori exit. Honestly, Mr. Sato almost missed it since it looks nothing like the Dom Dom stores he’s used to seeing.

▼ Here’s a normal one for comparison.

▼ But when he squinted, he could see the Dom Dom logo in the upper-right corner of the Tree & Tree’s sign.

Before even stepping foot inside, Mr. Sato scanned the menu billboard like the culinary pro he is. Since he visited at lunchtime during a weekday, he had access to the restaurant’s lunch menu. Most of the menu is comprised of different Japanese wagyu burgers, but they also have a Soft Shell Crab Burger and an Atsuage (thick-fried tofu) Burger as non-beef alternatives.

▼ All the options look so tempting…

One thing to note about Tree & Tree’s is that, like an increasing number of Japanese restaurants popping up lately, they are completely cashless. You won’t be able to use your crisp Japanese bills here, so you need a card or a payment app.

▼ Along with keeping up with the times, cashless payments are meant to reduce contact with other people – something that’s becoming increasingly vital this 2021.

Mr. Sato headed to the eat-in space in the basement and took a seat, where he was handed a piece of paper with a QR code on it.

▼ No paper menus here.

This gave him access to the “self-order menu site”, another tactic to reduce unnecessary contact between shop staff and customers.

▼ He simply chose what he wanted to order on the site, and it was sent off to staff to make.

Mr. Sato decided to try out the Wagyu Beef Burger with Salt and Pepper Set. It’s normally 1,350 yen (US$12.30), but in celebration of the store’s opening, he was able to get a discount that brought the price down to just 1,000 yen (only until August 6).

▼ Not a bad-sized portion considering it’s wagyu.

The first major difference Mr. Sato spotted was that instead of Dom Dom’s usual thin and crispy fries, Tree & Tree’s served him up some hearty thick-cut fries. As a diehard Dom Dom fan, Mr. Sato was a bit surprised.

▼ That didn’t stop them from being tasty, though!

What ended up really stealing Mr. Sato’s heart, though, was the burger. He could tell it was quality wagyu with just a glance, almost on the same level as a gourmet burger joint. The buns were fluffy and soft, and the toppings were perfectly juicy and balanced.

▼ An Ode to Tree & Tree’s is in the works.

But again, as a diehard Dom Dom fan, Mr. Sato couldn’t get over how pricy it was compared to the traditional chains. Even one of the most expensive sets at Dom Dom is only about 840, so 1,350 for just a burger and fries–1,580 yen if you throw in an iced coffee–was a bit of a jump for our Dom Dommer’s expectations. But considering the quality, it’s worth it as a splurge once in a while.

And since he knew you’d be curious about it, Mr. Sato also tried the Atsuage Burger (890 yen), which is essentially a block of fried tofu between two burger buns.

▼ This particular menu item is only available at Tree & Tree’s at the moment.

Its sauce is seasoned with familiar Japanese flavors like ginger and soy sauce, so if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese taste, this is the one to get.

▼ Mr. Sato thought it was absolutely delicious.

In the end, Tree & Tree’s gets Mr. Sato’s stamp of approval despite the arguably steep prices. He’s interested to see what they’ll come up with next–perhaps a gourmet version of the spicy Mexican and Thai Dom Dom Burgers?

Restaurant information

TREE & TREE’s by DOMDOM Shimbashi Branch/ツリーアンドツリーズ 新橋店
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shimbashi 2-15-14 Shimbashi Nichome Bldg 1F, B1F
東京都港区新橋2-15-14 新橋二丁目ビル1F・B1F
Open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. (normally 10 p.m.) weekdays, 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. weekends and holidays
*Restaurant hours may vary depending on the state of emergency

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