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A young man recently had a brush with death after his epic snacking caused his stomach to fill with so much gas that it nearly exploded.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta eat some instant ramen. For most people, that means just a single pack or cup, but one young man from Chóngqìng, China, gave in to his grumbling stomach’s midnight pleas for food by eating not one, but two packs of instant ramen and washing them down with, not one, but two bottles of cola. Apparently that wasn’t enough to appease his voracious stomach, however, so for dessert, the boy not only had some chips, but also some other snacks.

▼ There are so many varieties, it’s hard to choose just one. Just eat them all!

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Maybe he had amnesia between courses, or perhaps he hadn’t eaten for days. We may never know why this young man stuffed himself so, but we do know that his gormandizing resulted in one massive stomach-ache. In fact, the pain was so bad, he had to pay a visit to the local hospital.

▼ There are so many sizes, it’s hard to choose just one. Just drink them all!


The doctor examining him found that his stomach was so full of gas that it had become a swollen mass, and an internal inspection found that it was about to bust, so the medical staff quickly put a tube into his stomach and released the built-up gas. Phew, that was a close one!

After the story appeared online, some netizens expressed their opinion that this guy was just a glutton who needed a lesson in moderation, others were more focused on the things he consumed to end up in such a state, apparently becoming concerned about “dangers” of drinking cola after eating cup ramen.

Thankfully, a professor of biology and food science at Chongqing Technology and Business University in Nan’an, China, did some data collection and research on the subject to put our minds at rest. He found what every rational person would assume:

  • If a normal person drinks cola after eating cup ramen, the gas will leave the body in the form of burps, a natural physiological reaction.
  • If you drink a whole can of cola or other carbonated drink right after eating cup ramen, you’ll probably have a pretty sore tummy.
  • If you, like the boy in question, eat two packets of ramen and drink two bottles of soda directly after, chances are the stomach ache will be bad enough that you’ll want to get it checked out.

Long story short: take your time when consuming carbonated drinks, so the gas can release from your body as burps, and also consider eating and drinking in moderation. Another day, another valuable lesson learned.

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