So, you like eggs, but with all the conflicting research about the little balls of protein, it’s hard to decide if you should be eating zero eggs, an egg a day, or as many as you can stuff in you face. Sadly, we’re not entirely certain either, but if you simply don’t care about what’s good for you or not, we’d like you to meet your comrade-in-shells, P.K.

Our clothes-hating Japanese reporter P.K. is a huge fan of the unfertilized bird babies, and he recently read that all that research saying you shouldn’t eat too many eggs is bunk. So he decided to make up for lost time and headed down to Ramen Kagetsu Arashi to get a bowl of noodles with more eggs than a chicken coop. Egg lovers, get ready to hear your stomachs growl!


We don’t have medical degrees or malpractice insurance, so we’re not about to try to tell you how many or how few eggs you should be consuming every day. It’s one of those things that you’ll need to consult with your doctor about, like that rash that’s developing you-know-where! But we will say that if you love eggs and ramen, you really need to meet our friend P.K.

▼ Please do not lick your computer screen.


It turns out that our writer P.K., in addition to hating clothes, loves eggs. Until recently, though, he’s held off on eating too many of them, but after coming across research that says you can eat all the eggs you want, he decided to do just that! So, he headed down to Ramen Kagetsu Arashi to get as many eggs as possible in one bowl of ramen.

▼ Which is more than you might expect.


If you’ve ever had ramen in Japan before, you probably know that quite a few restaurants serve their bowls of deliciousness with a boiled egg. It’s a nice addition, we think, and if you love eggs, it’s an extra nice addition!

▼ Yum!


So, P.K. decided to ask for a bowl of ramen with eggs to the limit…and then see how many of those eggs he could get in his face! He chose Ramen Kagetsu Arashi because their eggs aren’t too sticky — and he felt like he could eat a hundred of them! Which, regardless of cholesterol, probably isn’t the best idea in the world…

▼ Note that they sell extra toppings, including eggs, for 100 yen (about $US.80).


Upon entering the ramen joint, P.K. found a staff member and the following conversation ensued.

P.K.: “How many eggs can you add to the ramen as toppings?”
Staff: “Do you want them on a separate plate?”
P.K.: “No, no, no! I want them in the bowl!”
Staff: “Umm…the broth might spill out, so…ten?”
P.K.: “Oh…okay. Well, just add as many possible.”
Staff: “Uh…sure. Ten, it is. There’s only so much stock we’ll be able to get in though.”
P.K.: “Alright! Do as much as you can without causing too much of a mess for anyone!”


Even if P.K. had imagined far more than ten eggs in his ramen before, it turns out that ten is still enough to satisfy! Of course, if you really want an unlimited supply of eggs, you’d just need to get them on a separate plate, but then they wouldn’t get to soak up all the delicious ramen stock.


But even ten eggs has quite the impact. And, according to P.K., they are absolutely delicious! But, as you probably guessed, there was a bit of a problem. By the time he got done eating all the noodles, there were still seven eggs left! If you’re going to try this, you’ll probably need to focus on the eggs over the noodles to make sure you finish both at the same time…


However, P.K. tells us that he also had a realization as he was digging into his egg-filled ramen: Boiled eggs are really more of a drink! Of course, they taste like eggs, but for him, the strongest appeal is how they just slide down your throat…like a drink! If you don’t believe him, just try eating ten eggs like this, and you’ll surely come around to his way of thinking.

▼ Or maybe he was just egg drunk. That’s a real thing, right?


So, was P.K. able to eat every egg in his bowl? Or do we need to give him a stern lecture about biting off more than he can chew and wasting food?

▼ And maybe have another conversation about the joys of moderation.


Actually, it turns out he bit off exactly as much as he can chew! Our writer managed to finish every single egg, much to the surprise of the staff. “That’s amazing!” he claims they said. We can’t help wondering if they were actually referring to the fact that someone would order 10 and not his ability to stuff his face. Nevertheless, if you feel like giving it a try, we’re guessing Ramen Kagetsu Arashi would be happy to take your money — but maybe only ask for five eggs, okay? We aren’t be responsible for any ruptured stomachs!

Reference: Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
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