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People seriously need to stop chopping onions in here…

Thai advertisements have a reputation for being rather lengthy, and also for telling heartwarming stories that may or may not have a lot to do with what they’re actually advertising.

The newest commercial that’s hitting us in the feels and making grown men cry? This ad for Krungthai Bank, whose story is reminding many Japanese net users of the famous tale of the faithful dog Hachiko.

Can’t watch at work? Here’s the gist:

In the beginning, we see a man seeking help for his dog who’s been hit by a car, and a friendly female vet begins tending to him. We are then taken back to a time before this woman became a veterinarian and didn’t seem to see dogs in a very positive light, particularly her neighbor’s dog, who would bark or chase her anytime she passed by as he protected the old woman who cared for him.

Until one day, when the old woman is taken away by an ambulance, never to return. Seeing the dog waiting faithfully at the gate day by day for the woman’s homecoming, the young neighbor girl feels her heart opening for the lonely mutt, and she begins bringing food for him to eat. For a while the dog refuses, growing weaker each day, until finally—perhaps inspired by the care shown to him by the girl—he eats. She calls him Olieng, and take him to his new home with her and her family.

Olieng and the girl are inseparable, with Olieng accompanying her to the bus stop everyday before school, and waiting for her there when she comes home. But one day, she gets off the bus and doesn’t see him waiting in his usual spot, instead finding him surrounded by onlookers, having been struck by a car. She frantically seeks help but the vet’s office is closed, and by then it’s too late for poor Olieng.

We can at least take solace in the fact that Olieng’s death wasn’t in vane, as it inspired the young girl to become a veterinarian so that she could help save other animals so they don’t suffer the same fate. Viewers of the video are rightly moved, because who can keep a dry eye when a faithful dog is involved?


“Why study when you can ride the feels train.”

“Thailand has the most touching ads lol, almost like short films.”

“Damn ninjas cuttin onion”

So where does banking enter into all of this? Well, Krungthai Bank supports the dreams of the children and helps them to succeed, of course, just like this girl.

Perhaps they wouldn’t mind supporting us with a few tissues too while they’re at it.

Source: YouTube/KTB Care via AOL News
Top image: YouTube/KTB Care