Doge shows off a special technique for instantly calming a crying baby. 

Here at SoraNews24, we have a large and very squidgy soft spot for Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed that’s so loved around the world it even has its own doge meme.

While we’ve oohed and ahhed over a number of different Shiba in the past, there’s one particular Shiba Inu that’s so popular in Japan it’s even had a range of adorable stamps and a 2019 calendar created in its honour on messaging app Line. And that Shiba is a doge called Daifuku.

▼ Daifuku with his human mother, Mrs Goto.

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年末企画第一弾🎉 だいふくベストオブ2015🐶🏆ママセレクト編 * ちょうどいい大きさの水たまりを探して歩いたこと、おやつでだいふくの目線をずっと向けられるかヒヤヒヤしたことが思い出深い一枚なんだって。 * 予告!明日はだいふくちゃんねる史上初のプレゼント企画をやるらしいよ。Instagram、Facebook、Twitter合同企画なんだってーお暇なら見てよね * ところで、ずーっと放置してたTwitterをしっかりやろうと、たぶん、きっと、、、、ていうことで、パパも休みだから、だいふくチャンネルTwitter 強化週間になったらしいよ!3倍増し増しで写真載せるからね!フォローしてね😉 URLはプロフィールにあるから〜よろしく❤️ * 🐕2015 best of instagram selected by mama 🐾✨ * Daifuku has a twitter account. Please visit and follow my account😉 URL is on the profile page!

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Daifuku – which translates to “Great Fortune” in Japanese, and is also used as the name for a popular mochi sticky rice sweet – is a big star on Instagram, with an impressive 396,000 followers. And while he’s loved for his good looks and adorable antics, he’s just been filmed doing something so sweet that people around the world are now even more in love with him.

According to Mrs Goto, Daifuku has been an especially good doge lately, attempting to care for her baby, whom she calls “Ichigo-chan”, or “Strawberry”. And as this clip shows, Daifuku has some pretty powerful healing magic, as he’s able to soothe little Ichigo and calm her down instantly when she cries.

This isn’t the only time Daifuku has worked his magic on his human sister, as this later video shows him once again tending to Ichigo, calming her immediately with some loving licks of his tongue.

Daifuku has been lavishing attention on Ichigo for a while now, starting not long after she was born back in September last year.

People in Japan have been charmed by the adorable videos, which have quickly become some of Daifuku’s most popular posts yet. The clips have now received hundreds of thousands of views and likes, and lots of love heart emojis from viewers around the world.

Daifuku is certainly relishing his role of being a doting big brother, but if Ichigo needs any more support from the doge community, there are plenty of furry pals around Japan to help her out. After all, Beni has the speaking skills to teach her Japanese, and Uni is a playground-loving pup who can show her how to swing on playground swings!

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Featured image: Instagram/daifuku_channel