A seriously cold snap in China leaves one residential community looking like it came straight out of Disney’s Frozen.

Over the weekend China was his hard by a massive Asian cold front, with temperatures in Jiangsu Province dropping as low as -11° Celsius (12.2°F).

One residential building was hit especially hard by the sudden chill, causing pipes to burst which resulted in the interior stairwell being covered in a sheet of ice.

But Jiangsu citizens weren’t the only ones affected by the weather. Residents in other areas also reported frozen pipes and extreme ice, as in the case of another building that also made headlines in Changchun, Jilin Province.

▼ Let it snow, let it snow…!

Chinese officials say temperatures are the coldest they’ve been in decades, especially in Southern regions like Guangzhou, which experienced its first snowfall in almost 50 years.

Sadly a number of citizens were injured or killed as a result of weather-related accidents, and thousands of travelers were left stranded in Kunming Airport as the cold wave put a damper on Chinese New Year travel plans for many. Numerous roads, highways, and stations were also closed or put under 24-hour surveillance to ensure public safety.

With  meteorologists forecasting an even colder spell next week, the Chinese government is advising citizens to run hot water regularly or wrap pipes with warm towels to prevent them from freezing.

Source: YouTube/CCTV News via Toychan Net
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