extreme weather

One bizarre Japanese trading card gets a literal strength bonus from this weekend’s typhoon

Whether you know the game or not, this is pretty hilarious.

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Photo of Chinese boy turning up to class covered in ice and snow goes viral, breaks hearts

It’s a miracle how some children make it to school alive under such harsh conditions.

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China’s extreme cold weather leaves buildings covered in ice both inside and out

A seriously cold snap in China leaves one residential community looking like it came straight out of Disney’s Frozen.

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Snowed-in citizens get creative shoveling snow with unlikely objects

As you may already have noticed, extreme snow has been causing havoc around the Kanto and Chūbu regions of Japan for the past two weeks now. It’s just been one thing after another, and today news has hit of the latest shock – they’re out of snow shovels! But when the snow’s piling up at your door, there’s nothing for it but to get creative.

See the solutions people came up with below, and find out how it’s related to the hulking Godzilla-like form looming above.

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There’s snow in my kitchen! Heaviest snowfall on record brings Yamanashi Prefecture to its knees

We’ve already seen Hokkaido residents putting a damper on the fuss Tokyo-ites are making over a bit of snow, but Yamanashi Prefecture genuinely might be able to give them a run for their money. Huge amounts of the white stuff has been causing problems across the prefecture, but has been comparatively underreported compared to events around the capital.

Residents have been taking to Twitter to share these shocking images that aren’t making it onto the news. Check out these rather epic photos.

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Japanese rock star inspires reckless typhoon behavior

Rock stars have been influencing fans’ bad behavior for decades, inspiring drunken debauchery for generations of wasted youth. But one Japanese rock star’s influence has taken on a slightly different form–inspiring people to run outside and dance in the middle of typhoons like the one currently battering the Japan.

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