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Years after its first version was released, Minecraft is still captivating gamers around the world. By giving players access to a plethora of Lego-like building blocks, plus a consistent set of rules for how materials interact with one another, the title simultaneously challenges and inspires its fans, who’ve gone on to recreate both real and fictional locations within the game.

Now, one Minecraft enthusiast in Japan has combined his skills in the game with his love of Disney by recreating an entire scene from the animated hit Frozen.

The sequence the Mincrafter selected to reproduce is of course the turning point in which magically-gifted Elsa belts out her theme, “Let It Go,” because no one left the theater humming that song about cutting up chunks of ice.

The video is a shot-for-shot duplicate of the Disney version, opening with a wide view of a snow-shrouded mountain.

MF 1

As we zoom in, we can make out a figure in the snow. Due to the game’s camera limitations, she looks a little different from a distance than she does close up.

▼ Elsa?

MF 2

▼ Ah, there you are!

MF 4

In the movie, Elsa’s psychological transformation is mirrored by gradual changes in her physical appearance, starting with her casting off her shawl, which her Minecraft counterpart does as well.

MF 5

Freed of the need to hide her powers, she tentatively shoots a few flurries of snow, before creating the sentient snowman Olaf.

MF 20

MF 7

As she gains confidence, the blocky Elsa scurries up a stairwell of ice, and begins building her frosty palace.

MF 9

MF 10

Her walls of solitude grow higher, and we also see her dangerously designed, precariously hung chandelier take shape.

MF 11

MF 12

▼ Won’t be needing that tiara anymore!

MF 13

One more costume change, and Elsa is ready to stride out confidently and stand in the light of day…

MF 14

MF 15

MF 17

…before somewhat contradictorily telling us she doesn’t care about the cold moments before slamming the door to keep it out.

MF 16

MF 18

All in all, an incredibly impressive piece of work. We’re sure all of Elsa’s fellow Minecraft inhabitants would give her a round of applause, if only they had hands to clap with.

Source: Jin
Video, images: YouTube