Tokyo store serves stunning kakigori ice dessert that looks and tastes like an onigiri rice ball

Enjoy the best Japanese shaved ice at a store that only pops up for three months in summer!

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A convenience store made of ice is being built in Japan

The ice Seicomart is a convenience store that could only be built in this part of Japan.

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World’s first Ice Whopper now on the menu at Burger King Japan

Bringing the refreshment of kakigori shaved ice to burgers this summer.

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An amazing icicle world waits just an hour and a half outside downtown Tokyo【Photos】

Annual event in Chichibu is worth getting out of the city and venturing into the cold for.

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Coco’s gets into Japanese summer spirit with amazing kakigori shaved ice desserts!【Taste test】

We try two of the decadent desserts offered at Coco’s Restaurant for the season.

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Tokyo Olympics announce brand new heat-prevention measure: 1,300 tons of ice

Other countermeasures include ice cream for volunteers.

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Chinese girls eating ice becomes hot new viral Internet trend【Videos】

There’s one special group of people who just can’t get enough of these unusual videos.

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Experience the moment the local gods cross a frozen Lake Suwa【Video】

Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture is the scene of a curious natural phenomenon which results in ridges of ice erupting out of the frozen surface. Read More

Spring can’t come soon enough for this employee on morning cleaning duty.

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Recent animal rights complaints had some thinking plans would be scrapped, but the eve mainstay will be part of this year’s event after all.

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Japanese restaurant serves up noodles in stunning ice cube bowls

Sometimes there are restaurants you want to keep a secret all to yourself, and this is definitely one of them.

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Frozen fruit used as ice cubes: Colorful, fun, and deliciously refreshing! 【Taste test】

Using frozen fruit as ice cubes in your drink sounded like an awesome idea, so we tried it with seven different fruits, and here’s how they turned out! 

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Chill your sake in this stylish ice-like drinking vessel, offered for a limited time only

Do enjoy cold sake? Are you pleased by aesthetic design? Then we’ve found the perfect gift to treat yourself to! Read More

China’s extreme cold weather leaves buildings covered in ice both inside and out

A seriously cold snap in China leaves one residential community looking like it came straight out of Disney’s Frozen.

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Water freezes before it can even go down the drain.

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Hokkaido’s Shikaribetsuko Kotan — the beautiful village of ice that melts away in the spring

Imagine a beautiful remote lake in Hokkaido. Now, how would you like to stay there in a village made entirely of ice that exists only for one winter season?

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Summer is coming! Stay cool with this retro-style shaved-ice maker!

The cicadas are chirping, the sun is shining, and we’re starting to get sweaty – it can only mean one thing: summer is coming! And with it all kinds of delicious treats like ice cream, ice cream, and, oh yes, ice cream.

But when you only really want to cool down and don’t want to consume too many calories, shaved ice is a much lighter alternative source of summer snack. But why rely on others to do your shaving for you? Why not shave it yourself in style with this awesome retro shaved ice maker?

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Cold never bothered you anyway? Then spend a night at this Hokkaido ice hotel!

There’s no shortage of unique hotels in Japan. Aside from the well-known capsule hotels and love hotels, there’s Gundam and Hello Kitty hotels, a toilet hotel, a so-cheap-it’s-scary hotel, and much more.

But the latest hotel that just opened up in Hokkaido is definitely the coolest of them all. It’s a hotel made entirely of snow and ice where you can spend the night in below-freezing temperatures!

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Water pipe bursts at Beijing art building, turns everything into a frozen winter wonderland

Nothing kills a great winter vacation more than coming back to find out your pipes have burst. That water can be flowing out of the broken pipe for days before you return home to find you have a new indoor swimming pool. It only has to happen once to forever taint your holidays with an extremely nagging “did we turn the water off?”

With temperatures dipping below zero in many parts of the world, each day is a potential pipe bursting tragedy. However, sometimes two wrongs really do make a right, and the horrible outcome of water soaking everything with Jack Frost blowing through create a really spectacular winter wonderland.

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Don’t get your lips stuck to this Coke bottle made entirely of ice

In an effort to convince all of Japan to enjoy an ice-cold Coca Cola during the hot and humid summer months, Coca Cola Japan has created a campaign giving anyone the chance to win a Coke bottle made out of ice. Click on to find out how they’re made, how to get your hands on one, and how not to enjoy a solid block of ice!

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