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Don’t pick a fight with an elevator, because the elevator always wins.

When faced with an annoyingly long wait for an elevator, most of us would figure our options are:

A: Take a deep calming breath
B: Kill time while reading some fascinating articles on your smartphone
C: Mutter a few choice expletives

This young man in China however chose:

D: None of the above (and also crazy)

Security footage taken at what appears to be a hotel shows a pair of closed elevator doors, which are incredibly vexing to the video’s star. It’s unclear whether he narrowly missed an elevator that just left, or if he feels he’s been made to wait for far too long after pressing the call button. Either way, those cold, silent doors are mocking him, and the man decides it’s time to teach them a lesson, using his foot as a study aid.

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He actually executes a pretty impressive jump kick, collapsing one of the doors inward and leaving it hanging off its top hinges. However, whether you just murdered a person or an elevator portal, it’s a bad idea to stick around the scene of the crime. But the man can’t resist the urge to examine his handiwork up-close, though, even as his companion walks up behind him with his hands clasped behind his head in shocked exasperation.

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He may have wanted to save that gesture for what comes next, though.

While Mr. Flying Kick has the physical prowess to defeat elevator doors in single combat, he’s apparently not coordinated enough to keep from falling into the empty elevator shaft he just violently created an entrance to.

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In seconds, a large group of building staff comes rushing over, which suggests that the man was bold enough to try this in the lobby, in full view of hotel workers. His rescue isn’t shown on camera, and while it’s likely the employees have liked to keep him trapped in the shaft, poking him with sticks every hour, on the hour, in retaliation for busting up their workplace, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that the man survived, but broke both legs in the fall.

The irony in all this? With two broken legs he’ll now be in a wheelchair, and since he won’t be able to climb stairs, for the immediate future he’s going to be spending a lot more time waiting for elevators.

Sources: Itai News, Daily Mail
Images: YouTube/1st ch