Life will never be the same again!

Do you remember the first pet you ever had? Even if you’ve only ever yearned for a fur baby of your own, you can imagine the absolute joy that comes from scooping them up in your arms and welcoming them home for the first time. But for all the love and happiness pet ownership brings, you’ll soon understand how completely upside-down your life becomes when that first four-legged member joins the family.

Artist and animal lover John from Taiwan, who shares his adorable illustrations on Facebook and his blog, has been working on a series of before-and-afters that accurately depict how drastically life can change when you become a pet parent.

■ Cleaning is futile

Forget the days of coming home to a clean, quiet house. No matter how clean your place was when you left, it will never stay that way anymore.

■ Your photo album is 99% pictures of your pet

Remember when all you had to take photos of was your food? You realize how silly that is, now that you have a pet whose every move is hilarious or just plain precious?

■ Never dine alone again

If you’re not careful, you may unwillingly end up sharing your meal too.

■ You learn to keep extra cords around for everything

Because cords aren’t for charging, they’re for chewing. Duh!

■ You spend more on your pet than yourself

Because when you’re a parent, your children come first!

■ Your after-work social life goes to the dogs

Who needs to go out drinking and partying with friends when you have a big ol’ furry bundle of love who’s been waiting so patiently for you at home ALL DAY!

■ Nothing is ever completely “yours” again

What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs.

■ Cleaning is futile (we didn’t mention that yet did we?)

Claw marks, dirty paw prints, and fur everywhere! And don’t forget those wet-nose doggy hieroglyphs all over the windows.

Yes, you will be living in filth and covered with fur, your things will get destroyed, and you may never enjoy a peaceful meal to yourself again, but as John and any other pet parent will tell you — those things just don’t matter anymore when a furry little one has stolen your heart.

Source and featured image: Maimai John and Facebook/Maimai John via Curazy