Consumer electronics manufacturer Cerevo recently introduced an ultra-detailed replica of the Dominator – an iconic gun from the hit anime Psycho Pass. You need to see this thing in action.

As satisfying as it is to have a replica of your favorite film or anime weaponry that you can actually hold in your hand, such replicas often fall disappointingly short of their badass inspirations. Many of them are made from cheap materials, break easily, don’t have that satisfying heft you’d expect from something capable of bursting alien heads, and are often weirdly proportioned or undersized. And that’s not even mentioning the downright criminal lack, most of the time, of neat flashy lights and moving parts and spinny things (tm). I mean, seriously, what is a sci-fi gun really, without flashy lights and spinny things?

But it looks like fans of the hit sci-fi anime Pyscho Pass, at least, have a replica option available that basically surpasses the awesomeness of its anime counterpart, thanks to Japanese consumer electronics company, Cerevo.

Cerevo recently unveiled their Dominator Maxi, a replica of the iconic gun from the anime series, and it features all the mechanical whirring, moving parts and machinery and glowy things you’d hope for. Just check out this crazy video of Cerevo’s Dominator in action:

The Dominator replica was created under the supervision of Naoyoshi Shiotani, the direct of the anime series and is more or less identical to its anime counterpart (except that it doesn’t shoot big plasma beams that explode people), complete with, according to Cerevo, “automatic transformation, voiceover and sound effects, authentic LED lighting, touch sensor activation, Crime Coefficient analysis and more.” The gun features, apparently, over 100 voice samples from the actual actress that provides the gun’s system voice in the anime. It even provides a readout of a target’s “Crime Coefficient Score” when you point it at something.

As you might expect, of course, Cerevo’s Dominator comes with a hefty price tag. The special edition, with all the neatest bells and whistle, will set you back a whopping 89,800 yen (US$800), making this replica gun strictly the domain of super fans and extremely dedicated cosplayers.

Then again, what’s 89,800 yen to feel like a badass future sci-fi detective any time you want?

Source: YouTubeアスキーCerevo h/t Kotaku US
Feature image: YouTubeアスキー; top image: Cerevo