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The top 10 includes four fabulous guys and six gorgeous girls. Who will you vote for?

Ladybeard, our friendly neighborhood bearded schoolgirl, has been extra busy recently promoting his idol band LADYBABY, performing in metal concerts and rocking the “muscley guy in cute clothing” angle. At the moment however, he’s most excited about making it to the finals of the 11th Annual Otaku Senryu Contest, which is a competition that seeks out the greatest “cat-eared, lolita-style character” to serve as the Nyanko Master of Ceremonies.

Presented by the .moe Internet domain (yes, that actually exists), the contest this year has no rules for who can participate. There are no restrictions based on age, gender or nationality, which explains the wonderful diversity of the top 10.

So who is Ladybeard facing off against in this cute and cat contest?

contest 1

▼ First is Mitaka (female), who is looking to defend her title as the winner from last year.

▼ Then there is Poemu (female), who works at a maid café in Akihabara.

▼ Also competing is Magical Nekoji (male), who was chosen for the “Best 30” in the 28th annual Junon Super Boy Contest.

But wait, there are more! Others in the top 10 include…

▼ Emi Arisaka (female)

▼ Omochi Neko (female)

▼ Goneko (male)

▼ Metamon (male)

▼ Hinariru Etopirika (female)

▼ Garo Dazay (female)

Along side choosing a real-life “3-D character” winner, there is also a 2-D mascot contest where people have submitted their best lolita characters to compete for top prize. The top 10 finalists span a whole range of artistic styles but all of them feature the requisite cat ears.

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All the “3-D” contestants are avid cosplayers so whoever is chosen will properly represent cat-eared people from Japan in the Paris Japan Expo. The Top 4 finalists, as determined by online vote, will fly to Paris as well as receive a cash prize. You can vote today for both 2-D and 3-D contests from now until March 7, so be sure to cast your ballot for the most “cat-eared lolita” here today!

Source: PR Times
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