You’ll never waste time pushing in chairs ever again thanks to this amazing new invention from Japanese car manufacturer Nissan.

Nissan Motor Company has unveiled a new type of office furniture set to revolutionise the workspace, with chairs that can be automatically “parked” into desk spaces like cars driving into a garage. The concept has been inspired by the company’s intelligent park assist technology, which helps drivers park their vehicles easily, thanks to the inclusion of automatic steering.

▼ Now you can back-up into your desk like you’re driving a car.

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The chairs are able to move by using a combination of cameras, wireless technology, and built-in rollers in the base, which give them the full scope of 360-degree manoeuvrability. In an office setting, four ceiling-mounted cameras are used to identify each chair’s position, before wirelessly transmitting the route for its destination, sending the chairs scuttling towards their designated desk space in an instant.


While vehicle parking with a single hand clap is yet to become a reality, the type of new technology that moves these chairs is the same as that currently used in the X-Trail Hybrid and other Nissan vehicles.


Video footage from four cameras, located on the front and rear of the car, and on both wing mirrors, is converted into a composite bird’s-eye view which helps to park the car with automatic steering.

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Produced in collaboration with the award-winning creative team BIRDMAN, the Intelligent Parking Chair is a promotional project that highlights Nissan’s aim to “enrich people’s lives through technology”. Seeing the concept in action shows just how much time and effort can be saved when incorporating systems like these into our everyday lives.

To find out more about the making of the product and the way it works, take a look at the short video below.

Let’s just hope no one at Nissan starts a round of applause at the end of the next big presentation…

Source: Nissan Japan
Top Image: Nissan Japan
Insert Images: Nissan Japan, YouTube/Nissan Newsroom