It’s the cutest dashboard camera we’ve ever seen!

While dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with drivers as a handy tool for recording evidence during road accidents and traffic incidents, the recording devices continue to be housed in plain-looking boxes in dark colours with hard edges. That’s all set to change now though, with the new Hello Kitty Drive Recorder hitting the market on 27 July, offering all the convenience of an on-board camera with a whole lot more cuteness in its cat-shaped design.


While the camera is undeniably pretty, it still has all the high-quality features you’d want in a dash cam. Once installed, the device automatically starts recording as soon as the engine is turned on, and stops once the engine is turned off. The G-sensor inside the camera allows the device to automatically save files and prevent overwriting of data when a shock or vibration is felt, and if movement is sensed while the car is parked in a stationary position, it will turn on by itself and automatically begin recording.

▼ Whether the car is running or not, Hello Kitty always has her eye on you!


In addition, the camera also offers continuous loop recording onto the microSD card, which means data will continue to be saved when the card is full, as old data is overwritten. And in the case of an accident, the device also functions as a digital camera, with “still recording mode” allowing for photographs to be taken as evidence while at the scene of the incident.


The Hello Kitty Drive Recorder retails for 14,800 yen (US$139.50) and can be purchased from the Seiwa online store from 29 July.


To check out the quality of the images caught by Hello Kitty, take a look at the day and night vision videos below!

Source, Images: @Press