Nissan is collaborating with One Piece to offer a limited edition Serena Highway STAR S-HYBRID. Dubbed the “Thousand Serena,” a play on the Straw Hat Pirates’ Thousand Sunny ship, it features a special One Piece car wrap and hubcaps.


If you’re keen on getting your hands on this vehicle, though, you’ll need 3.25 million yen (about US$27,300), some lottery luck… and kids. Not only will purchase of the vehicle be determined by lottery, but only parents with children will be allowed to enter, in accordance with the Serena’s family-oriented marketing campaign. Due to a high volume of interested buyers, nine will be available.


There’s another perk, though. Whomever wins the lottery will also receive enough gas to “go around the world,” or 40,000 km worth, which at current Japanese gas prices is worth about $3,300.

For more information about the purchase lottery, which runs until March 9, check out Nissan’s campaign website.

[Via Anime! Anime!; images from Nissan Serena]

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